Mobile Marketing For Your Small Business

Has Your Business Gone Mobile Yet?
And by mobile, I’m not asking if your employees carry cell phones.

I’m referring to mobile marketing. Mobile marketing encompasses not only a mobile friendly website, but creating all of your marketing materials to be easily accessible and understandable on a smartphone or tablet.

According to Pew Research, in 2015, well over 60% of adult Americans will own a smartphone and over 42% own a tablet. Diving deeper into the numbers, I found that there aren’t any great disparities in the demographics of gender or race. As expected, the largest age group of users is 18–49, but for those in the 50–64 age group, approximately 50% are smartphone users. These statistics show that mobile marketing is essential across all demographics. Not a single group is excluded.

Mobile marketing is applicable to many different formats on the internet:

  1. Mobile–friendly websites – Whether they are eCommerce or not is irrelevant – they are no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Being
    mobile friendly does not mean that you can “pinch and zoom” to see portions of your website. If your website doesn’t adjust accordingly (responsive design) to the size of the device it is being viewed on, even the most loyal of customers may be looking elsewhere. I have researched numerous sources and haven’t found a single source that states this isn’t necessary to compete in today’s marketplace.
  2. The graphic clearly indicates the need for mobile friendliness in any website that that accepts its orders online.multi-devices-chart
  3. Google Place Pages and Yelp should not be ignored as part of your mobile marketing strategy. Creating content rich profiles for each will help potential new customers find you on the go. Just yesterday I was searching for a florist, from my phone, in Salisbury, NC. I found a great locally owned shop that I will take all of my business to in the future. The owner opened his store for us on Sunday afternoon after we called looking for a location to purchase flowers for my father’s grave at the National Cemetery. Internet presence brought me to him, but personal service will keep me going back!

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