Mountain Valley Hospice Re-Sale Shoppe

At some point in a person’s life, he or she will probably clean out his or her home and closets and get rid of unneeded items. Some of these items might be resold, and others given anyway. If you are thinking about donating various pieces of home décor, clothing, books and more, consider giving them to the Mountain Valley Hospice Re-Sale Shoppe in Mount Airy. First opened in June 2015, the idea for the shop was formed from concepts started by other hospice agencies.

“The concept for the Re-Sale Shoppe was created after having seen agencies in South Carolina, other parts of North Carolina and Florida do it,” said Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Mountain Valley Hospice Sheila Jones. “We decided to open the Re-Sale Shoppe as a way to support the various missions and programs of our organization. At Mountain Valley Hospice, we try to provide support to the families who have insurance as well as those who don’t. The organization gives care to terminally ill patients, their families and caregivers.”

The proceeds from the Re-Sale Shoppe go toward the hospice’s services and programs. The organization’s services include nursing, social work, home health aides, chaplain, volunteer, palliative care and bereavement. A transition program is offered to assist people with life-limiting illness and give them the best resources in any place of residence. Also, provided by Mountain Valley Hospice is the Kids Path program, We Honor Veterans and Pet Peace of Mind. According to Jones, the Re-Sale Shoppe is another avenue to help give the resources needed to the patients and their families.

“The store is a resource for funds to train volunteers,” said Jones. “It takes about $700 to train each volunteer we have. So, the shop gives us a way to give money back to the organization and maintain those services and programs.”

All the items in the Re-Sale Shoppe have been donated. Currently, the store sells clothing, purses, furniture, appliances, books, glassware, housewares, lamps and artwork. Jones states the number one best seller is women’s clothing. Also, the shop doesn’t take certain baby items due to recalls. Items can be dropped off at the Re-Sale Shoppe during regular business hours. Pick-ups can be done, as needed, if volunteers and transportation are available.

“People will bring things in by truck and car loads,” said Jones. “Our volunteers will sort through them, price and put the items on the floor to sell. What can’t sell, we give to other organizations and support their missions. It is all about sharing the love.”

Store Manager Marisa Miller runs the Re-Sale Shoppe in addition to volunteers and one part-time employee. If you are interested in becoming a Re-Sale Shoppe volunteer, contact Pat Younger, the Director of Volunteer Services at 336.789.2922. You’ll be asked to fill out an application and attend a short training and orientation. Volunteers need to be at least 18 years of age; however, there are opportunities for teenagers.

Looking into the store’s future, Jones hopes to have more than just one Re-Sale Shoppe. One day, she wants all the 17 counties in North Carolina and Southern Virginia that Mountain Valley Hospice serves to have their own store.

“We would like to have a shop wherever there is an opportunity and wherever we have an office,” said Jones. “It took five years to build the Mountain Valley Hospice Re-Sale Shoppe. We are dreamers; we dreamed about building our current one, and we will dream about the next shops we can build. These Re-Sale Shops are beneficial to Mountain Valley Hospice and all of our patients, families and caregivers. We just want to thank the community for all of its help and generosity. Recently, our shop was vandalized. Thanks to our volunteers, we were back open in one day. We can’t thank this community enough for its support of Mountain Valley Hospice and the Re-Sale Shoppe.”

The Mountain Valley Hospice Re-Sale Shoppe is located at 461 North South Street, Suite #1 in Mount Airy. Call 336.789.1230, or visit online at Be sure to like them on Facebook.