Moving? American Moving & Hauling is at the Ready

Are you planning a move? Relocating can be an exciting and stressful event, both at the same time. Let American Moving & Hauling handle your move and take the stress aspect off your plate so that you and your family can concentrate on getting settled into your new environment. Amy Cushman, owner of American Moving & Hauling, understands the stress associated with moving, having recently moved her own family. With 12 years of experience in the industry, she and the team of professionals at American Moving & Hauling are on hand to move you locally or within a 900-mile radius.

Amy shared some tips and good-to-know information for those planning a move.

Is there a ‘best’ time of year to plan a move? “We schedule moves throughout the year. May through July is generally the busiest time for most moving companies; folks want to get their children through school and resettled before the next school year starts,” Amy explained. “Usually, we see things start to slow down some by August, and September is usually not an active month for moving. We’ve found that October brings renewed activity – fall weather is cooler and it’s usually an easier month to get the move date clients want. The best rates are during the fall and winter months. We may have to be more aware of weather conditions during the winter, but generally, there are no issues our team can’t overcome.”

Are there different rates for weekday versus weekend moves? “No, we charge the same rate no matter what day a client needs to be moved,” Amy explained. “Additionally, we do not charge overtime rates. Our goal is a smooth, seamless moving experience for our clients. That means that for household moves, we set up beds, attach mirrors to dressers, and reassemble any furniture that required a breakdown at no additional cost.”

What options are available if the new home is not ready at the time of the move or a home sells before a client has new housing lined up? “American Moving & Hauling has storage space available for these situations and offers competitive rates. Actually, effective in September, our storage space doubled from 6,000 to 12,000 square feet. The space is fully enclosed and secure with no access other than our team.”

Other moving tips from Amy

  • Taking the step to declutter before packing is an excellent idea. We all have those items we no longer use. Why pay to move something that’s not being used?
  • Everything needs to be packed. Loose items are not put onto moving trucks. For clients who pack themselves (and that is the industry norm), do a room-by-room check to ensure that everything is packed, padded, and secured as appropriate.
  • Be sure that all packing is complete and ready to go the day prior to the move. Clearly marking where boxes are going in the new location and having someone there to direct the movers as the truck is emptied helps the move go smoother and faster.

American Moving & Hauling has grown from a team of four to a staff of 22 since their business opened. With a fleet of four 26’ trucks, one 15’ truck, and two packing vans, they’re ready to assist you with your next move. As Amy shared, “We are a family-owned business. We work together as a team to ensure our clients have the best moving experience possible.”

For rates, tips, packing materials, general information and to schedule your move, contact Amy Cushman and the American Moving & Hauling team at 336.765.3499, via e-mail at, or via their website ( They are conveniently located at 535 E. Clemmonsville Rd., Winston-Salem. Their office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday, Saturday 8:00 am to noon.