Muddy Creek Land


Picture a group of early American settlers, just finishing up another crop-growing season, being in a happy-harvesting mindset. What was something they did for fun? Play music, and lots of it! They brought that music with them from across the sea. They taught their children the songs and how to play the musical instruments they used. Music to them was healing and was meant to be shared and cherished by all. The songs they sang were about things that mattered to them — traditions and heritage, each with its own story to tell…

When people get together in a musical setting, something changes. Music instantly makes everything better. It allows people to forget their troubles and problems. It unites us in a way that nothing else can. Music will make the shyest person move around, and it possesses some kind of magic element that most everyone willingly absorbs.

As the musical director at the Muddy Creek Cafe and Music Hall, I have witnessed so many magical musical moments, ranging from tears of joy and fun time sing-alongs to a large group of people dancing on a “Peace Train.” It’s such a joy to be associated with music in this way, and nothing could be more fulfilling than to be able to experience it on a weekly basis; or at least nothing that I have found in my lifetime. With at least seven musical shows a week, one can’t help but find himself or herself immersed in the magic of music. 

Owens Daniels is a local photographer that is all about that “love” of music and possesses the talent to capture it with an artistic eye, grace and style. We got together one day to discuss working together on some form of project. His instinctive awareness of history has inspired me greatly, and he helped me to fully understand the true value of history; in that, everything comes from the land we walk upon…our food, our water, ourselves — it all comes from the land. He coined the phrase “Muddy Creek Land.” What happens at “The Creek” comes from the surroundings, the history of the land; we are just the latest form, celebrating the land, just as in days of old.

We will celebrate “Muddy Creek Land” with music, and through the mega-talented eye of Owens Daniels on Sunday, September 18th starting at 5pm in the Muddy Creek Music Hall.