Muddy Creek Muse: Creek Rising Women’s Music Festival

On a cold January Saturday evening in the Muddy Creek Cafe, a young girl sings about love lost, love gained, and love lost again. Her words are spot on, and she seems to have the knowledge of someone three times her age. Her story comes from her own experience, though and she sings her songs as if she is telling that story to the entire world. After her performance, she sits and talks to a few people out of the small crowd gathered there, with a sincere appreciation for those in attendance. Then she goes home and starts writing her next song…

An hour or so later, over in the Muddy Creek Music Hall, a world traveling musician sings of the same topics, with a voice that transcends the ages, delivering a haunting old folklore tale of a betrayed woman, who took her own life, since the one she loved had been murdered the night before. The audience marvels at her graceful and powerful presence. After the show, she meets and greets most everyone in the crowd, signing her CDs and albums, and taking pictures with her adoring fans. She has played all over the world, won a Grammy, and has a bright future in the musical industry. Her story of how she got here, starts in her hometown.

The amount of talented performing female musicians in the area is impressive, to say the least. There could potentially be the next Patsy Cline or Whitney Houston somewhere among us. You see them performing at the local bars, vineyards, and restaurants, honing their craft, working through each song with passion and intensity. Hoping that one day, they will be on the big stage, performing for tens of thousands, pouring their heart and soul out to the masses. Every single superstar female performer started out somewhere, playing the local spots, building their audience, keeping their eye on the bigger picture.

It’s up to the local community to keep them inspired to grow their talents, for if there is no one to listen, the sound goes away. For almost six years, the Muddy Creek Cafe and Music Hall has been supporting women in music, as much as any other venue in the Triad area, with hundreds of shows featuring women in several musical genres. Last July, along with Forsyth Woman magazine, we hosted a Women’s Music Festival, which was well attended, and full of great music. On July 22nd, at the Muddy Creek Cafe and Music Hall, songs will be sung, stories will be told, and love will be shared, as we present “Creek Rising Women’s Music Festival.” We’ll feature several local women musical performers on the cafe stage, and in the music hall. Let’s show them our love and support! See you there!