Muddy Creek Muse – Four Questions with Suzy McCalley

1) What kind of music did you start out listening to?

I started out listening to church songs and hymns, then classical music through orchestra – I played the violin, and my mother is an orchestra conductor in Dallas public schools. I then I went through a pop phase which I never came out of and punk, indie and electronic dance music mingled into that.

2) What is your advice for singer/songwriters trying to establish themselves in this area?

Find artists you connect with, who believe in your vision, and collaborate and learn from them. Keep doing it! You rock! And remember – talent is great and important, but the people who succeed in the business of music are the ones who are willing to put themselves out there, own their value, build and promote their brand.

3) What inspires you to write songs?

The need to create is what inspires me to write songs. I just have all these emotions, ideas and creativity and it wants to be channeled into songs and plays. Also, my grandfather (still living in Brazil) wanted an actual CD he could hold in his hands, so I was inspired to finally make this album for him.

4) When writing your songs, which comes first, the melody or the lyrics?

I hear the melody and the lyrics at the same time. I write down the words and sing it into my phone recorder, then I send it to my music producer, and we go from there – he comes up with most of the arrangements and instrumentation.

Suzy McCalley releases her debut album “Into the Flame” at the Muddy Creek Music Hall on Sunday, September 17th @ 7 pm! Suzy’s original music reflects her Brazilian origins but also incorporates local folk flavor, as well as a modern/pop feel. Her voice and music have been described as “jazzy” with a “laid back feel.” While she has played the violin and sung with many local bands, this will be her first solo venture. As an artist, Suzy incorporates sensuality, a female centric experience with a theatrical delivery. She is accompanied by an amazing and talented full band including her Musical Director John Ray on bass and Jonathan Green on drums. “Into the Flame” was created and recorded in Winston-Salem, NC.