Muddy Creek Muse: The Local Songwriter’s Grass Roots Solution

If you visit any town or city in this country that has a thriving music scene, there is one common thread they all share. Great musicians? Sure, but there are great musicians all over the place. Great venues? Every area has them, too. Great fans? Ditto. The one thing beyond these elements that make for a great music scene is the support from within — singers, songwriters, music lovers and musicians all supporting each other.

I have had the pleasure of seeing all kinds of traveling acts coming through the area and have been able to listen to many a story of the life of a traveling musician. The coolest stories are when they talk about performing in a place that has a happening music scene. Hearing of other areas in this country with thriving music scenes firsthand really got me thinking about what I could do in this area to help create that kind of scene.

As a singer/songwriter and a venue co-owner, I have a bit of a unique take on the local scene. We have so many talented musicians here, and there are several local music venues, with more on the way. There are also more than enough music fans here to fill those venues. Winston-Salem is on the verge of becoming a thriving creative community, and the support is there for that to happen. Greensboro seems to be headed in a positive direction as the population there continues to grow. Combine that with all of the smaller cities and towns in the Triad, and you’ll see that the entire area has the potential of becoming a special place, or perhaps it’s more in the realization that it already is a special place.

Sometimes all it takes is a gathering of likeminded individuals to create the spark needed to start a revolution, as history has proven over and over again. With that in mind, I created the “Muddy Creek Songwriters Festival” to hopefully be the spark this area needs to start a local music revolution. I couldn’t make room for all of the area songwriters, which I feel is a great problem to have. I’ll continue to support all area musicians in any way possible.

It is my wish that this event will inspire all local musicians and venues to realize that we all need each other’s support. Once that happens, we are ready to usher in a whole new era of music appreciation and support of each other. It can happen here. The talent is here, the venues are here, we just need to take that next step, which is to get out and get into this scene!

The Muddy Creek Songwriters Festival runs from April 6th-9th. It will have three stages and feature more than 50 singer/songwriters. For the complete line-up and more information, go to