Muddy Creek Muse: “Meet Me at the Creek”

The wood and walls within the Muddy Creek Music Hall have lots of stories to tell. As do the surrounding walls that make up the Bethania Mill and the Muddy Creek Cafe. Stories of how the world used to be a simpler place, with hard working Moravian settlers making up the local community. As the years have passed, the mill continues to be a vital part of the Bethania Township. The Bethania Mill was remodeled around a decade ago, which paved the way for the Muddy Creek Cafe to open in the fall of 2011. The Cafe quickly filled a need for a community gathering place, serving up tasty sandwiches, providing excellent customer service, and hosting local music on its outside porch. As the community expanded, along with its music scene, the need for an intimate listening room grew to the point that something had to be done about it.

After searching the area for a potential second location, the opportunity to expand at the current location presented itself. The Muddy Creek Music Hall was opened in May 2015. It quickly became known as one of the finest listening rooms around. The first show was hosted by the Fiddle & Bow Society, which featured the nationally touring duo known as “Red Tail Ring.”

Their performance and the listener’s experience were both a very high level.

A new kind of musical excitement for this area was created that night. One that took the historical elements of an old established environment, and combined them with the experience of live, intimate music. The first show was also a definite indication that the Music Hall needed more room. And so at the end of the first month, the Music Hall expanded to create an area that has a bar, and an area for people to talk without interrupting the performance. Within the Music Hall’s first few months, there were several great performances, ranging in several musical genres, and coming from near and far. Within the first year, the Music Hall’s schedule included local artists such as Martha Bassett, Dan River Girls, Caleb Caudle, Dan Dockery, and many more. Owners Shana Whitehead and Bill Heath had set a goal of hosting a Grammy award winning artist within the Music Hall’s first year. As it turned out, they missed their goal – by one day. However, a four-time Grammy winner (David Holt) performed at the Music Hall the very next day, which worked out well for everyone! Now into its third year, the Muddy Creek Music Hall is one of the more appreciated and well-attended music venues in the Triad area.

The aura of the Music Hall, combined with the well-established community of the Muddy Creek Cafe, have become a thriving musical scene. Newcomers have claimed to “feel” a wonderful “vibe” upon arrival. Tears of joy have been cried, spirits have been raised, and souls have been touched. One older single lady said it was the only local place that she could show up by herself, and feel totally comfortable. International musical stars have shared their stories in what seem to be like a living room, on the warm and inviting Muddy Creek Music Hall stage. So many friendships develop within the community at “The Creek” that it feels like an ever-expanding family of lasting relationships.

In the warmer months, you’ll see kids playing on the front lawn, enjoying ice cream from the Muddy Creek Ice Cream Parlor, while their parents enjoy live music on the Cafe’s patio. While inside the Music Hall, a national touring artist is winning over a new audience with an outstanding musical performance. In the colder months, people gather inside the Cafe and Music Hall, continuing the vibrant musical community year round. Every Thursday night you’ll hear everything from first timers, to seasoned pros at our weekly open mic, hosted by Country Dan Collins. The Cafe’s stage supports the local music scene with music every Thursday, Friday, Saturday evening at 7:00 pm, and Sundays at 1:00 pm. The Muddy Creek Music Hall has shows every Friday and Saturday night, and some Sunday and weeknight shows as well.

If you haven’t been yet, what are you waiting for? Meet me at The Creek!