Muddy Creek Muse: Shelly Stevens

By Bill Heath

When you’re in a musical group, you are allowed the opportunity to share in the day-in, day-out lives of other people. Shelly Stevens is a vocalist in the group that I formed called “The Muddy Creek Players,” as well as a member of the local rock/pop/blues/R&B group known as “Shelly and the Remnants.” At a recent practice, Shelly shared with us that she had been working with a preschool student of hers that spent the entire afternoon crying. She described the event in such a way that it was clear that she loves what she does. Then, as the group began playing music, her voice came through in a way that, again, made it clear that she loves what she does.

Shelly Stevens grew up in a musical family, singing in the choir, taking vocal lessons and developing a comfort with performing live music that helped shape her personality in a positive way. After high school, she moved to Florida, and settled into a lifestyle that didn’t allow much time for music, other than singing in the car with her kids.

In 2005, Shelly and her family landed in Kernersville, and along with the move came meeting a whole new network of people. Included within that network were several local musicians and music lovers. She started singing at a local jam session, and it was then that her love for singing resurfaced.

Tim Love, owner of “Love That Music” in Kernersville, introduced Shelly to vocal/guitarist Tyler Elam, and drummer Kevin McElroy. The three of them formed “Shelly and the Remnants.” They have established themselves as a mainstay in the local music scene, winning new fans over at every performance. The group has recently added Jesse Holmes to the lineup. With their new addition, Shelly and the Remnants are focusing on adding more originals to their eclectic mix of covers, ranging from several musical genres.

Shelly and the Remnants will be performing at the Muddy Creek Cafe on January 30, 2016. For more information on the group, please visit