NC Novelist Cindy Keiger Brings Us Crap Happens… Wallowing is Optional

About the Author

After eight years of blogging and journaling about her experiences as a corporate administrative assistant turned dairy farmer, Cindy Keiger decided to turn those experiences into a book. Part memoir, part comedy, part devotional, Crap Happens… Wallowing is Optional is the story of how God used changes in Cindy’s life circumstances to work changes in her heart.

Inspiration for Crap Happens… Wallowing is Optional

At 53 years old, dairy farming seems like an unlikely career move for most people. In fact, Cindy didn’t actually choose to be a dairy farmer but, rather, to marry one. After meeting Weldon online, his career choice seemed romantic, bringing to mind a charming country life replete with easy afternoons sipping tea on the front porch, tractor rides around the pasture and baking pies filled with freshly picked berries. Those images (straight out of the glossy pages of Southern Living), couldn’t have been farther from the reality of life on a dairy farm which Cindy soon learned is filled with early mornings, back-breaking, never-ending work and crap — lots and lots of crap. While the move from Charlotte to King might have only been a short distance, for Cindy, the farm might as well have been in a whole other universe.

Cindy says of her early expectations, “Surely life on the farm was going to be an idyllic final chapter to my story. Instead, I discovered that a bad attitude and an aging body fought against my happy-go-lucky outlook. Chores and odors were unappealing and tiring, day after day, year after year. My inner Susie Homemaker couldn’t fix the farm, cover the smell or make it pretty.” While Cindy was focused on the external, God was doing some housekeeping of His own on her heart, helping to clear away ungratefulness, rejuvenating a weary heart and teaching her that humor is its own brand of medicine.

With chapters like Huffing and Puffing, Cows Are Out, Don’t Fence Me In and Crap Won’t Kill You, Cindy writes about the conflict between her expectations and the reality of the farm. While she likes a neat house, life on a farm is messy and dirty. While she enjoys routine and schedule, the cows are certain to escape at the most inopportune times. And while routine is wonderful, the drudgery of early morning milking, feeding and cleaning can chip away at the most resolute soul. All of these changes ultimately led Cindy to ponder, “Crap happens, so what do we do when our thoughts (and lives) get stinky?”

For Cindy, the answer was to “…sprinkle every day with plenty of joy and laughter.” Writing about each experience, from pulling a calf from the manure pit to learning to drive a skid loader, became a kind of catharsis that allowed her to put each event in perspective and find the humor in it. And humor has a way of softening the edges of our experiences and changing our outlook on events. Cindy’s hope is that readers will take away the message to “Live your life! It’s the only one you have, so live it with all your heart, all your soul and all your strength.” Even if that life is sometimes full of crap.

Where to Get Your Own Copy

Crap Happens… Wallowing is Optional is available in paperback and ebook at

– It can also be purchased in King, NC, at King Drug, Carroll Memorials, Hampton House Art & Framing and Dalton’s Crossing.

– In addition, it is available at Pages Books in Mt. Airy, Diana’s Books in Elkin, Scuppernong Books in Greensboro, Hampton House Gallery in Winston-Salem and Made In NC in High Point.

To hear more about life on the farm, you can also visit Cindy on her blog: