A Novel Idea: Carole Beverly – The Journey, From the Mountains to the Mission Field

About the Author:

Carole Beverly shares her journey with her husband Bernard Beverly on the mission field in The Journey, From the Mountains to the Mission Field. They and their three sons spent 26 years as missionaries, primarily in the Philippines. Carole begins her remarkable life story with the background of each of their families, highlights of their childhood experiences, their courtship, early marriage and their ultimate call from God that led them to the foreign mission field.

Carole is now working on two additional books. Through the Valley is the working title of her next book about helping those who find themselves in caregiver roles to be encouraged. She also has a novel planned, tentatively titled The Penny Postcard, set in the World War II era and how the difficulties and experiences impacted the lives of a young couple. The Penny Postcard is inspired from a family story that is featured early in The Journey.


Carole was encouraged to share her family story of life on the mission field for a number of years before she began gathering their experiences into book form. Thankfully, she ignored her initial skepticism about why someone would want to read about their lives and decided to move forward with sharing what life on the foreign mission field was like for her, her husband, and their sons. Her book is filled with the power of faith and prayer, as well as the adjustments (some humorous, some unexpected) needed to adapt to life in a foreign country.

About The Journey, From the Mountains to the Mission Field:

It’s easy to assume that life might be challenging for those on the foreign mission field; however, for those called, it is also an adventure unlike any other. Carole provides insight from her family’s perspective in a series of short stories woven together to present lives spent in service and on a mission to leading others to God. Learning to communicate in another language is just one of the many tasks required to interact and become accepted in another culture. As Carole shared in her early days on the mission field, simply preparing meals presented its own hurdles. Some fruits, such as durian, which in her words had a hideous odor, were an acquired taste which she came to enjoy.   Other native dishes, not so much. And early in her life, Carole would never have pictured herself on a cross-country journey through the Philippines on the back of a motorcycle.

Adjusting to the local animal life was another story in itself. As Carole shared, “Every missionary has a snake story.” Her description of one incident in particular, being chased by a snake and then chasing that same snake, creates quite a visual picture. Who won in the end?

Learn how her family and the other missionary families they worked with introduced Christianity in the face of perils they never expected. Their faith is an inspiration. Their story is remarkable.

Where to find The Journey:

About The Journey, From the Mountains to the Mission Field, published by Christian Faith Publishing in July 2017, is available from Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com or wherever books are sold. It is also offered in electronic format. You may also contact Carole via her publication specialist (Laura@christianfaithpublishing.com). Carole is available for speaking engagements at churches, women’s events, conferences, etc. within Forsyth County and throughout the southeast. You can also view the book trailer on YouTube. Be on the look for other future books from Carole.