A Novel Idea — Charlie Lovett: The Lost Book of the Grail

About the Author:

Charlie Lovett was born and raised in Winston-Salem, and he and his family still call North Carolina home. An avid book collector with an ever-growing library, he is an ardent Lewis Carroll devotee. One of his primary collections is of Lewis Carroll’s work, he recently acquired Lewis Carroll’s 1888 typewriter, he has been President of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, and he has written five books and numerous articles on Carroll. Charlie shared that his breakout novel, The Bookman’s Tale, a New York Times bestseller, embraced his love of rare books and the English countryside. In addition to his fiction and non-fiction work, Charlie is also a children’s playwright; he was Writer-in-Residence at Summit School for eleven years with nineteen of his plays ultimately published.


Charlie shared that sometimes a particular place is an inspiration for one of his novels. In the case of his newest book, The Lost Book of the Grail, he was inspired by the English cathedrals he remembered visiting in his high school years. The Norwich Cathedral Library intrigued his imagination; and thus, the journey begins for his readers, traveling with Arthur Prescott to uncover the history and mystery of Barchester Cathedral and its library.

About The Lost Book of the Grail:

As a young boy, Edward helped to save priceless manuscripts from the destructive air raids – that was Edward’s contribution to the war effort. That night, he also saw a shadowy figure take one of the manuscripts and disappear. From that introduction in 1941, the reader is transported to present day with Arthur Prescott, a somewhat frustrated college professor whose grandfather instilled a love of King Arthur in him at a young age. A grandfather who believed the Holy Grail was hidden nearby, waiting to be discovered by Arthur. The introduction of an American, Bethany Davis, well versed in technology and an advocate of digital preservation, disrupts Arthur’s world. His comfort level with ancient manuscripts and the secrets they hold is shaken.

Charlie weaves a tale using past events throughout history to keep his readers wondering where, when, and if Arthur and Bethany will be successful in their quest. It’s a fascinating journey.

Where to find Novels by Charlie Lovett:

The Lost Book of the Grail will be released on February 28, 2017, and will available wherever books are sold (BookMarks (signed copies), Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, IndieBound, etc.) Soft copies will also be available via Kindle, Nook, and iBooks.

On Tuesday, February 28, at 7:00 pm, BookMarks will host a book launch celebration for Charlie Lovett’s The Lost Book of the Grail at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, 2575 Parkway Drive (in the Ardmore area). Join this free event and step into Arthur’s world.   For additional information, contact info@bookmarksnc.org or call BookMarks at 336.747.1471. Charlie will share a presentation, music referenced in the novel will be performed, and medieval manuscripts will be on view.

Following the launch party, Charlie will be on tour during March; follow him on Facebook and Twitter.