A Novel Idea – Chris Beakey: Fatal Option

About the Author:

Chris Beakey has been writing fiction since the age of 10. His love of reading, literature and English led him to a career in communications. For 30+ years, Chris has been a ghostwriter for non-profit, non-partisan organizations.

As a novelist, Chris describes his style as “…opening a vein and writing. I want readers to feel the situation is real to me as an author.” A disciplined writer, Chris starts his day writing fiction for two hours every morning; reviewing the results at the end of his workday.

Chris’ first novel, Double Abduction, was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award. The second of three in the “Double” series, titled Double Death, will be based in a fictional North Carolina town and is planned for a 2018 release.

Fatal Option is Chris’ fifth novel.


Writing about good people who find themselves in a bad situation (emotionally, physically or concurrently) intrigues Chris. He shared that about six years ago, he found himself driving home late on a wintery night through winding country roads. As he rounded a curve, his car hydroplaned. As he relived the incident later, he wondered, “what if I’d hit someone.” The “what if” scenarios kept coming and, after six years of writing, readers have the end result — Fatal Option.

About Fatal Option:

Stephen Porter is facing a moral battle. Ill prepared to venture out in a snowstorm, but desperate to help his daughter, he faces his first “what if” situation. The route he chooses sets him on a course that has implications for him and his children. Fatal Option is filled with multiple storylines woven together to come to a fateful conclusion. Porter, however, has more than one option. How will he handle it? Will he tell the truth; will he tell just enough to justify his actions; how will his kids react; and what about the detective who is fairly certain about what happened? Someone is always watching. Who will be influenced by his decision? What about his son dealing on his own with the class bully? What will Stephen do?

Read this page-turner, and see if you figure it out. Fatal Option is ripe with turns and twists and more than one unsavory character.

What would you have done?

Where to find Novels by Chris Beakey:

Fatal Option (published by Post Hill Press and distributed by Simon & Schuster) was released on February 21, 2017, and is available wherever books are sold (Barnes & Nobles, Amazon.com, IndieBound, etc.). Soft copies are also available (via Kindle, Nook and iBooks) as well as an audio book version.

Chris has family ties in North Carolina; his Dad lives in Raleigh, his sister in Charlotte. He is a frequent visitor to the area (loves the south) and is available for speaking engagements at bookstores, libraries and especially with folks who enjoy thrillers. Contact him at chrisbeakey@verizon.net. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter, or visit his website (chrisbeakey.com). Visit Chris’ blog, A Heartbeat Away (blog.chrisbeakey.com), to read his stories. And, be on the lookout for his next book set in North Carolina.