A Novel Idea: Dara Kurtz, “Crush Cancer”

About the Author:

Dara Kurtz recalls vividly the day her life changed. She had cancer. In her words, “Cancer was brewing inside me.” She now segments her life into two categories: BC (before cancer) and AC (after cancer).

In her BC period, Dara was like many professional working women, juggling a full-time job and family, keeping up with everyone’s activities and not saving much time for herself. However, at age 42, she heard those dreaded words and had ‘a pause button moment.’

Now in her AC life, Dara considers herself a changed person. She has a more intense value for life, her family and friends, and the pursuit of the things she finds joyful. Although a financial advisor in the banking industry, she always dreamed of writing; she had written in her high school and college newspapers. She started her blog and began working on her first book, Crush Cancer. Going forward, Dara plans to write another non-fiction book, and has a novel concept under development.

Inspiration for Crush Cancer:

Inspiration may be an odd choice of words for Dara’s intent to write Crush Cancer, but for those in the thralls of treatment or in survivor mode, this book/workbook is a blessing. She’s chosen to share her cancer journey as a means of providing insight to anyone facing a cancer diagnosis covering any and all aspects of what to expect, with tips at the end of each chapter on dealing with them, plus a special tip section for friends and family (tribe tips).

About Crush Cancer:

Dara holds nothing back in sharing her cancer story, and therein is the value. Hearing from her first-hand experience what to expect is of value no matter which side of the equation you happen to be on (from her personal emotional roller coaster, telling family and friends, loss of hair, etc.). For instance, the flowers that she received in abundance were a source of stress to her daughters as they reminded them of funerals. In chapter 4, Dara provides a practical list of what to take to chemo treatments. Her words on waiting to go into chemo are food for thought, “It takes courage to sit outside a chemo room and wait for your name to be called. I learned these people were soldiers on a battlefield about to go to war, and they were ready to fight.”

Each chapter in Crush Cancer documents a stage/segment of Dara’s cancer journey; the first section is her cancer story, the second is thriving after cancer. The accompanying workbook is designed to follow the chapters with prompts to document the reader’s personal insights. For those not comfortable with journaling, this workbook is a means to get some emotional baggage out in the open for personal reflection and possibly dialogue, and that’s a positive step to embrace on this or any other challenging life journey.

Where to find Dara Kurtz’ Book:

Crush Cancer and its accompanying workbook were released in September 2017 and are available in softcover. Both are available on line via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers. Crush Cancer, excluding the workbook, is also available in digital format.

If you attended the recent Bookmarks Festival of Books and Authors, you may have heard Dara speak during one of the non-fiction author segments.

Dara is available for speaking engagements and enjoys interacting with her audiences. Contact her via her website (crazyperfectlife.com) to request a media kit for more information on her availability and suggested topics.

Follow Dara on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest) and check out her website (crazyperfectlife.com). Follow her blog, Crazy Perfect Life, which has 165,000+ followers and is still growing. Dara also has a monthly column in Forsyth Woman (Crazy Perfect Life); keep up with what she has going on in her life. She loves life and lives it enthusiastically! An excellent example for us all!