A Novel Idea: E. C. Hanes: Justice by Another Name

About the Author:

  1. C. (Redge) Hanes has strong ties to North Carolina, and Winston-Salem in particular, where he and his family live. He graduated from Duke University and earned a Bronze Star during his service in Vietnam. He worked nine years at Hanes Corporation, the business started by his great-grandfather. As an entrepreneur, Redge launched several business ventures over his career. He also served as a board member for numerous organizations (environmental, conservation, educational, and art-related endeavors) in North Carolina. Over the years, Redge has been involved in many pursuits and hobbies; he has a renaissance nature, which eventually drew him to writing. He is a member of the North Carolina Writers’ Network.

Redge shared that writing is something he practices every day. He values the economy of language. He strives to follow the guidance of Doris Betts, one of his favorite professors, “You can feed your reader, but don’t chew for them.”

Justice by Another Name is his second novel. He is currently working on two novels, a sequel to his first novel (Billy Bowater) and the second, a murder/mystery.


Former North Carolina Governor Jim Hunt asked Redge to participate in a study of industries that had an impact on North Carolina. Hog production was part of that study. With past knowledge of the industry, Redge chose hog production, with its stringent environmental guidelines, as the setting for Justice by Another Name. However, that is not the heart of the novel. The assumption and wielding of power, no matter the consequences, is the focal point. Accountability, justice, revenge, or karma has its day – no one is immune.

About Justice by Another Name:

Lana Reavis has endured so much tragedy. After an accident that took her husband, Paul, she clings to her son, Paulie. Her work keeps her grounded and provides a way back to a new normal for the two of them. However, boys being boys, Paulie and his best friend Hank set out for a day of fun that ends in a tragic accident. Lana has had lingering suspicions about the so-called accident that claimed her husband’s life. Now, her son is lost in an accident that may be tied to the same hog production industry that monopolizes the economy in Hogg County and keeps folks quiet. Her old beau, Will, Chief Deputy, has his own concerns and, given the political climate, launches a discreet investigation into the circumstances of Paul’s death. Oris Martin is the owner of Martin Farms, the biggest employer in the county. With his clout, Oris and his team act as if nothing can touch them or their business. A rude awakening awaits. Read Justice by Another Name to discover what transpires to bring justice. You’ll be surprised.

Where to find Novels by E. C. Hanes:

Justice by Another Name (published by RaneCoat Press and distributed by John F. Blair, Publisher) was released on March 7, 2017, and is available wherever books are sold (Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, IndieBound, etc.). It is also available via e-book format.

Redge will be at Quail Ridge Bookstore in Raleigh on June 14, 2017, for a book signing. In the fall, he plans to attend several book signing events and readings in Chapel Hill, Southern Pines, and other North Carolina cities. Check his website for locations, dates, and times.

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