A Novel Idea: Glynis Whitted Bell: Fierce & Fabulous – A Young Lady’s Guide to Inspiration and Positive Self-Image

About the Author:

Glynis has a passion for fashion and a desire to help young ladies learn how to express themselves in their best light via fashion. Glynis graduated from Winston-Salem State University with a focus on Mass Communications. She returned to UNC-Greensboro to earn her Master’s in Consumer Apparel and Retail Studies.   She follows her personal mantra that “fashion should not be frustrating.” After a number of years in corporate America and work in the non-profit sector she has founded her own brand – Glynis Bell Integrated (G.B.I. LLC.) The initials stand for Gifted, Beautiful, and Intelligent; a motto she believes that every woman possesses but sometimes may need a little help realizing it!   Beyond being an author, she is also a workshop facilitator, keynote speaker, adjunct college professor, and personal shopper. She calls herself the “Smile & Style Strategist.” If she can help you find your perfect style and make you smile, she’s done her job!


Glynis credits the ladies in her life (her mom, grandmothers, daughter, aunts, and more) with providing the inspiration to reach out to others. She shares a quote from Oscar Wilde, “Be yourself: everyone else is taken.” With the relaxed lifestyle most experience these days, an unfortunate side effect is that dress habits have also relaxed – many times to the extreme. When did it become commonplace to see folks running to the store in pajama bottoms? And it’s not just young people making that decision. How often does one hear, “I’m just going out for a second, I won’t see anybody I know.” No, most likely you’ll see more than one person you know.

About Fierce & Fabulous:

Glynis wrote Fierce & Fabulous using the alphabet as a guide. It’s a technique that works well in developing her key points (the capital letters) and supporting points (lower case). Her use of Mirror, Mirror highlights key questions for thought based on the points made in that particular chapter.

Her use of humor and illustrations drive home the points about what is appropriate and what is not. The message is timely and timeless. For example, the ‘I’ chapter focuses on Investment with the idea of investing in yourself. A few quality pieces can mix and match and carry a person into many different situations – from business to casual, to after hours. ‘S’ covers style terms and what that typically includes (such as business casual, semi-formal, black tie, etc.).

While the focus may be on fashion, the underlying goal is to present oneself with pride and dignity – how you look is how you’re perceived.

Where to Find Glynis Whitted Bell:

Fierce & Fabulous is the first in a series of four planned books. Glynis shared that she is working on the next one, titled Get in Fashion Formation. Its focus is historical, asking how fashion got us to this place, where fashion is taking us, etc. The third title is In Her Closet and will encompass actual closets across generations answering such questions as “Why did I buy this?” “Will I ever wear this again?” and more. The fourth title is 50 & Still Fierce & Fabulous which will be more of an autobiography.

Fierce & Fabulous – A Young Lady’s Guide to Inspiration and Positive Self-Image can be found at Amazon.com, Barnes & Nobles on-line, and via Authorhouse.com. Glynis also writes on the blog Women Advance NC.org.

Glynis also conducts workshops at schools, churches, women’s conferences, and universities. Her typical target audience is tweens, teens, and college age young ladies. She recently presented a workshop at Salem College for those nearing graduation and preparing to enter the workforce. One workshop features 10 to 12 pieces that she uses to illustrate how to build a month’s wardrobe using a limited number of items.

You can contact Glynis regarding workshops and other opportunities via e-mail at Imagematters101@gmail.com.