A Novel Idea: Leonard Adreon – Hilltop Doc A Marine Corpsman Fighting Through the Mud and Blood of the Korean War

About the Author:

Leonard Adreon served in the Korean War as a Marine corpsman. He buried his experiences in his memory banks when he returned home and took up his professional career with The Siteman Organization, a real estate management and development company located near St. Louis. He and his wife met a year after his return and built a life with three daughters and six grandchildren. He earned national recognition for his work via leasing and managing facilities throughout the world. He spent time working with charitable organizations in his community for the benefit of children. One volunteer initiative in particular, as a writing class facilitator, ultimately led to his decision to share his story.

Inspiration for Hilltop Doc:

Typically, Marines referred to corpsmen as ‘doc’ when calling for their help in battlefield situations. Like so many veterans of ‘the forgotten war,’ Leonard didn’t share his Korean War experiences for many years. His first-hand account of life on the front lines is gripping, raw, and worth sharing. His experiences exemplify what so many endured; his poems speak to the anguish felt in the heat of moments most would find difficult, and the photographs (a mix of personal pictures, public domain photos, and some from the Department of Defense archives) show the stark reality of war.

About Hilltop Doc:

In Hilltop Doc, Leonard Adreon shares his story of being drafted by the Navy right out of high school, missing the battles of World War II, but finding himself back on active duty for the Korean War. Although in the Navy, his Naval experience regarding learning to swim was a miserable failure and he shared that he never did learn to swim. That particular skill proved unnecessary to his personal war experiences. His story about Big Mike and the sacrifices he made for others is heartbreaking; and that’s just one story. The kindnesses of Korean villagers, sharing their food, and providing rest are eloquent. His poetry and remembrances are those of the typical serviceperson who achieved extraordinary actions at times of extreme duress. The memories are unvarnished, unglamorized and so important to share with others who have no other basis on which to grasp what war on the frontlines was like for those who were able to live through the experiences.

Where to find Leonard Adreon’s Book:

Leonard volunteers at the Lifelong Learning Institute of Washington University (St. Louis) encouraging others in writing classes. Ultimately, these volunteer endeavors led him to write his experiences and share his story as a Hilltop Doc.

Hilltop Doc was released in May 2017 and is available in softcover via Amazon, BookBaby, Barnes & Noble, and other select book retailers. Follow Leonard on Facebook and check out his website (hilltopdoc.com).