Nu expression: Have You Ever Considered Moving Your Business? Part 2

Article by: Jan Allison


As business owners, we are often reminded of the many hats we wear — accountant, operations manager, designer, producer of goods, team leader, problem solver and janitor just to name a few. But now that our Nu team has begun up fitting our Nu space, we have found the hats are multiplying! We have added architect, electrician, interior designer, inspection negotiator, budget master and so many more.

In just a few weeks, we have learned that getting building permits is a nightmare; color choices are overwhelming; placing fire exits can be very tricky and expensive; what an architect draws isn’t always what the contractor can actually do; a commercial space can be built with zero electrical outlets; and it’s really important to pay attention to where the sink and toilet have already been plumbed in a bathroom when laying out the space.

So, this month our team is focused on the basics of productivity, efficiency, patience and priority. As these are good reminders and focal points for any business owner starting off fresh for 2014, we hope you find our reminders helpful to you too.

The electrician can’t start without your decisions? The paint color for the ceiling hasn’t been decided yet, and the painters are waiting? Doesn’t matter. It is most important to remember your top priority — your customers! Fortunately, our team was aware of this need from the very beginning, and only two people have been involved in the daily decision making for the building. However, we can easily see how it would be easy to lose focus on keeping your customers first when trying to balance the growing number of hats being worn.

As a new year unfolds, it is human nature to organize our work spaces and our minds; but just the task of organizing can become overwhelming to the point of being more unorganized than ever before.

To overcome this obstacle and help organize our hats, our team is experimenting with a new system called a Bullet Journal ( The basics of the system are to take your many task or to-do lists and combine them into one place; a neatly organized place where notes are taken methodically and referenced, so you can actually find them again. Sounds crazy, we know!

Ryder Carroll, creator of the Bullet Journal system describes his journal, “For the list-makers, the note-takers, the Post-It note pilots, the track-keepers and the dabbling doodlers. Bullet Journal is for those who feel there are few platforms as powerful as the blank paper page. It’s an analog system for the digital age that will help you organize the present, record the past and plan for the future.”

Our team is optimistic with the possibilities of increased efficiency with this system. We hope you might find it useful in managing your business too.

Wanting to move into our new space immediately is as hard as watching the minutes click off the clock on Christmas morning when you are eight years old! We want to move — now! But licenses and inspections must come first, and you must do step A before you can proceed to step B, so we are working on increasing our patience as we have already learned that our move may be delayed by almost a month.

We wish we could provide amazing advice on how to gain patience, but we haven’t quite mastered that ourselves. We are trusting God’s plan that there are reasons for our delay, and we will make the move when the timing is right. But it helps that we built in a two-month cushion for unforeseen delays which is our final word of advice for business owners planning a move — always plan for what you don’t know to keep your sanity throughout the project!