Nu expression: The Importance of a Logo

I’ll say a word or two, and you tell me what comes to mind…. Golden Arches….Swoosh…..Five Colored Circles….McDonalds, Nike and the Olympic Rings. You get the picture, literally. Immediately in your mind you can see the symbol (logo) and recognize the brand.

Let’s Define “Logo”
Webster’s Dictionary defines a logo as “a symbol that is used to identify a company and that appears on its products.” The logo is the visual prompt that causes your brain to not only see the brand, but also conjure thoughts and feelings. When I see the Golden Arches, I think comfort food (who doesn’t love hot fries and a milkshake when they have a sore throat?). When I see the swoosh, my first thought is that I can’t wear the shoes because they run too narrow for me, but then my mind jumps to my son loving his Nike soccer cleats. The Five Colored Circles immediately makes me feel patriotic. Pay attention to the many logos you see today and think about the feelings and thoughts they create.

Nu expression’s logo represents the history of our company with the colors CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) since we originated as a print only business. The ‘Nu’ represents the addition of website, social media and marketing strategy, the services we added when we rebranded four years ago, and the unconventional spelling represents our more playful side. Expression is defined by Webster’s as “the act of making your thoughts, feelings, etc., known by speech, writing, or some other method” which encompasses all of the services provided at our company. You will see our logo at the top of this article, on every ad we create, on the front of our building and every other product we create for our company. Even though we are considered a small business, it is just as important to our success for our clients and potential customers to recognize us by our logo, as it is for Levi’s to be noticed by the red tag.

You’re Never Too Small
We often hear how businesses consider themselves too small to need a quality logo design. But do they want to stay small or grow into a larger, more profitable entity? It is important to behave as you want to become, not just where you are now. For instance, a brand new landscaping business may choose to put only their name on their vehicles, yard signs, business cards and flyers. But it is so much more effective to have a quality logo in all of those places. As your vehicles and signs are around town, they will be recognized quickly and potential customers will take greater notice. And when they are ready for your services, they will remember you from your logo, not from your plain black and white sign.

Quality & Consistency are Key
Understanding the need for a logo is an easier concept to grasp than understanding the need for quality and consistency. Many times we see companies that have a photo-shopped image or a text font used across many forms of advertising in different shapes, sizes and colors. I would consider this to do more damage to your brand than no logo at all. It conveys that you don’t want to invest in your business and be consistent in what you are telling your customers. A good logo design includes a vector image which can be manipulated to different sizes, but will always maintain the proportion and colors of your logo concept.

If you are in need of logo design or creating a vector image of your current logo, we would love to help! Give us a call at 336.765.5505 to discuss your options.