Nu Expression

Did you know mass marketing is now only getting a 2% response rate? And it’s continuing to decline!

The name of the game now is personal relationship, which is what the consumer expects from the businesses they frequent. With the accelerated growth of social media over the past several years, the interaction between business and consumer has changed drastically. Consumers no longer want to be sold. They want to engage with you on a regular basis, whether it’s about what is happening in your business or with your employees, what is happening in your town, or what ways you can help them. Yes, you need to help them! That’s what makes a relationship personal – the give and take of the arrangement. It can no longer be one sided.

Over the past few years, businesses have embraced the need for social media marketing, but are struggling with ways to effectively build their audience. It’s tough to create a community around your brand while learning the ever-changing nuances of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram. To assist you in your growth, we have created the Top Five List of simple ideas to grow your audience.

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