Optometrics: What’s the big deal?

An eye exam is an eye exam is an eye exam, right? And glasses are just a functional part of your wardrobe…?

  1. Distinctive Eyewear has a caring doctor who spends time understanding your whole eye health, an incredible team of optical professionals you’ll end up building lifelong friendships with, and a mouth­watering frame selection that is sure to change your perspective about the form, and function, of your eyewear.

But the folks at C. don’t think that kind of experience should be out of the ordinary because they believe that’s the experience you should look forward to at every annual eye exam. In fact, most of C.’s patients end up coming in much more often than that, because the C. community is about so much more than just transactions – it’s a spectacle experience.

Oh, and did we mention that they can get you in and out without dilation? C. Distinctive Eyewear prides itself on its industry­leading, innovative technology because, “Our commitment is to your health and your comfort, and we know how important it is to make it as easy as possible to go about your day as planned, even after an eye exam.”

Having a single doctor – the personable and sincere Dr. Jillian Thompson – ensures patients get the most personal and attentive care and leave with the best prescription a doctor could provide, and C.’s talented team pride themselves on helping patients find the perfect frame to suit both their lifestyle and their aesthetic aspirations.

And with a huge selection, boasting the best of handmade frames from around the world, it’s not difficult to find the perfect pair. Self-proclaimed ‘Spectacle Wrangler,’ Evan Brennan, explains how important it is that the business carries unique, hard to find handmade frames from independent companies, while maintaining a selection on a budget. While the handmade mantra allows C. to offer exclusive, brilliant frames, the journey to find these designers takes a deeper commitment than most practices are willing to make.

“We travel to fashion shows in New York and Paris, and search out design studios throughout Europe to find new lines that meet our ethical commitments and haven’t yet saturated the market,” explains Calvin Presnell, who helped open the practice 13 years ago.

“Our criteria is high ­fashion, impeccably executed eyewear that is manufactured at an excellent value,” he continues, saying that C. believes all eyewear should set itself apart, and, “Whether ultra-funky or exceptionally minimalistic, you can tell which designs are made by people who are passionate about eyewear.”

Passion may be the best word to describe what makes C. Distinctive Eyewear so different. From the moment you walk in the door and are greeted by familiar, smiling faces, you can tell the entire staff is passionate about the experience for both patients and eyewear obsessed shoppers just cruising in to spy designs fresh from our designers’ workshops

Dr. Jillian Thompson says, “I believe in spending more one-on-one time with my patients to really get to know their eyes,” and she’s proud to be the first in the area to offer Optos Digital Retinal Imaging Technology, which can often eliminate the need for dilation drops.

The practice spends countless hours cultivating the most memorable eyewear experience for their patients, and this includes pursuing continued professional development opportunities to ensure the absolutely best and most up-to-date solutions for every patient and customer.

The staff at C. Distinctive Eyewear invite you to come in and find out for yourself why they truly are, “Distinctive,” and how you can continue being undeniably distinctive, too!