Originals By Amy Lynne… Inspired. Natural. Wild.

“Flowers are a way to bring life into your space…by creating a bright and welcoming environment.” – Amy Dunlap

For 11 years, Amy Dunlap, owner of Amy Lynne Originals, has designed and created extraordinary floral arrangements for weddings and corporate events in a style that is truly her own – free and natural. In addition to creating unique floral works of art for large events and teaching floral design classes held in her historic West End studio, she is expanding the scope of her expertise, passion, and creativity once more. Amy shared that she has had many requests for a la carte orders over the years and felt that now was the time to provide an avenue for everyone to enjoy floral arrangements for any occasion. This extension of Amy Lynne Originals is appropriately called ORIGINALS and is “a new, more personal way to enjoy florals from Amy Lynne Originals.” As Amy, self-professed dreamer and flower junkie, shares, “With this new endeavor, we strive to be authentic, honest, and reliable while staying true to our free, natural style.”

The vision for every arrangement, in a word, is “one-of-a-kind.” ORIGINALS offers a more personalized approach to ordering floral arrangements. Once customers share their preferred color palette and price point, Amy and her talented staff “pull from the freshest blooms to create incredible arrangements with a unique flair.” Amy has carved out a niche in the local florist industry with her Inspired. Natural. Wild. stamp on every single creation for over a decade. Customers can place their orders with confidence that their ORIGINALS arrangement will be equally spectacular. If you are looking for a dozen red roses, or a drop down menu of predetermined arrangements, you will not find it here. As Amy states, “There are plenty of local places to pick up a premade bouquet or order from a list of options online.” As a specialty florist, Amy’s original designs “do not replicate traditional arrangements going out the door around town.” Every order is individually designed, guaranteed to bring immense beauty and joy to the recipient.

Lush florals mixed with wild greenery and composed with texture, movement and unrestrained creativity.

That’s what makes an Amy Lynne Original, an original.

ORIGINALS are perfect for any occasion. Whether you are decorating for the holidays, hosting a baby shower, dinner party, or any number of other small, personal events, there is no better way to accentuate your living or work space than an Amy-inspired floral arrangements.

We strive to deliver distinctive and interesting designs for every occasion.  

Guidelines for ordering ORIGINALS

  1. Originals are available for order online at amylynneoriginals.com (click on the “Originals” tab), by phone, and by email at orders@amylynneoriginals.com.
  2. Each Original is a custom design in Amy’s unique and inspired style. If you have specific flower requests, please place your order by phone at 336-997-9443 or email at orders@amylynneoriginals.com and they will do their best to accommodate them based upon season, price, and availability.  IF you order online, you will receive a confirmation email once your order is confirmed at the studio. They offer a complimentary card with your order.
  3. Please allow 24 hours for your Original to be designed and ready for pick-up or delivery. Delivery is available for an additional fee. Pick-up and deliveries are available Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm and Saturdays from 9am-1pm. There are no pick-ups or deliveries on Sunday.
  4. The minimum order for a single arrangement is $75 and does not include taxes or delivery. We do design boutonnieres and corsages for special events and those are exceptions to the minimum order.
  5. If you have questions not answered here, please give them a call at 336-997-9443 or send an email to orders@amylynneoriginals.com and they will be happy to help you.

ORIGINALS is an extension of Amy Lynne Originals and is located at 418 West End Boulevard in Winston-Salem. You may place orders online at amylynneoriginals.com, by phone (336.997.9443), or by email at orders@amylynneoriginals.com.