Pain Solution with Essential Balanced Bodywork

For many, January is a time of renewal, a fresh start, and the opportunity to improve oneself.  New eating plans are embraced and workout routines are scheduled.  However, because of pain and untrained muscles, the motivation to continue with workouts often dims quickly.

For those who are determined to make 2014 THE year to get fit, Essential Balanced Bodywork is the answer.  Located at 2575 Old Glory Road, Suite 500, in Clemmons, Essential Balanced Bodywork is an oasis for sore muscles.  More than just a typical massage studio (though they do offer the traditional sports, relaxation, and deep tissue massage), Essential Balanced Bodywork has an emphasis on correcting the root of problems, rather than treating the symptoms.

Michael Roels, the co-founder and owner of Essential Balanced Bodywork, shares, “If a person spends most of their time in front of a computer, they may feel tension and pain in their neck and shoulders.  A traditional massage will concentrate on those areas and the person may feel relief for up to a week.  However, our strategy would be to work on the pectoral muscles.  With arms positioned regularly in front of the body, the pain is centralized to the back and neck, but by retraining the pectoral muscles, we train the body to be in the position it needs to be in, in order to alleviate pain.”

For those who are starting a new workout routine, they may find that old injuries reappear.  Instead of giving up, a visit to Essential Balanced Bodywork may provide a solution that enables a person to persevere and overcome muscles that simply need to be retrained and maintained.

“Think of the body like a car,” said Michael.  “We can drive around for thousands of miles, but if we don’t properly maintain the vehicle, it won’t perform.  Pains don’t come from old age, but because we don’t maintain our bodies properly.”

In addition to Michael, the Essential Balanced Bodywork team includes Gail Parrish, also a co-founder and owner, Emily Brown, a co-founder, and Julienne Murray.  All four are licensed therapists, and collectively, they have over 26 years of experience.

Their website,, is full of accolades from clients, including the following from Gaynelle. “What an amazing experience!  Essential Balanced Bodywork is new and different – more than just a massage, it was therapy!  After a brief conversation, Gail went to work delivering the perfect solution to my everyday aches and pains. In addition to relaxing, I left with new knowledge about how my body “moves”, i.e., sits, walks and stands.  I didn’t want to leave the spa without scheduling my next appointment!”

For all those who are beginning a new workout regime in 2014, we applaud you for making the first step in taking care of yourself.  But, if at any point you become discouraged or have too much pain to continue, schedule an appointment with Essential Balanced Bodywork.  Most chronic problems can be corrected in 3 – 5 sessions, along with client education and at-home exercises.

Visit the Essential Balanced Bodywork website or contact them at 918.9343.