Paparazzi Hair Salon: Styles Done a Different Way

There are couples. Then, there are power couples. Jason and Bobbie Skinner are a very laid back version of the latter. As the owners of Paparazzi Hair Salon in Clemmons, they have formed a hair-boutique that caters exclusively to hair care and styling.

“We opened in 2013,” shared Bobbie. “I have been a stylist for eight-plus years, but wanted something different. It’s a difficult business, and many salons feel almost stressful. I’ve walked into some salons where the tension was palatable. That’s not conducive to an environment designed to promote relaxation and rejuvenation! I wanted an oasis where the only cutting was done with a pair of scissors, not with words. When I decided to open my own salon, my husband joined me.”

Jason, who has a background in both network engineering and sales, saw the potential in his wife’s vision. “We have created an unusual environment, with the foundation of our business rooted in community service, education of both our staff and our clients, and above all – we’ve made it a family business.”

Married for 11 years, Jason and Bobbie bring unique, yet complementary skills to the business. Jason handles all marketing, the website, and overall management of the salon while Bobbie is still engaged as an active, professional stylist. She not only has her personal client base, but she also trains and mentors the stylists who work at Paparazzi.

“The balance we’ve brought to the table means we can both embrace our entrepreneurial spirit without being burned out and letting it affect our family,” said Bobbie. With two daughters at home, this is important to both the Skinners.

Moreover, it allows Jason and Bobbie to truly do things their way.

“We like to offer stylists the flexibility of options, including flexible schedules for the team,” shared Bobbie.

Jason agreed. “Not everything is about a bottom line. For us to be a truly family-oriented business, we have to think of more than just our family. We have to look out for the best interests of our team and the families they are supporting, too. With both options available, our stylists can work toward a goal of independence, or let us handle some of the challenges that go along with getting established.”

“This is really a team approach,” said Bobbie. “We work together, which gives a greater sense of ownership and responsibility. Our team feels they are part of something, versus treated as our hired staff.”

It’s a difference that has made this business a success. It’s evidenced by the accolades that pour in from all over the Triad! Vivian is from Lexington, and she shared, “I will make return trips. Hard to find good stylist! When you do, stick with it.”

Julia was thrilled to discover Paparazzi when she moved to Clemmons a year ago. “They did an awesome, fantastic job on my color and cut. The cut was what I’ve wanted for years!!”

Similarly, Jess appreciated the suggestions that were given. “I was open to suggestions, and Bobbie gave me great recommendations on what to do for a cut and style. She knows to take into account how much maintenance you are willing to keep up with and if you use product.”

“My first time at Paparazzi left me with all smiles,” said Tammy. “Bobbie knew exactly how to cut my hair; she was amazing to watch as she created art in my hair. I left with amazing curls and a new attitude. All the stylist there were friendly and turned out beautiful styles.”

If you are in the market for a new stylist, or simply want to update your look, Paparazzi is the place to go and feel like a star!

Paparazzi Hair Salon is located at 6000 Meadowbrook Mall Court in Clemmons. Call them at 893-7169. Visit online at Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram! Walk-ins are welcome!

Paparazzi offers many specials, including Manly Mondays, WOW Brow Wednesdays, and starting in May, they offer Happy Hair Hour on Wednesdays and Fridays from 4 – 8 pm. Happy Hair Hour is by appointment only with styles starting at $20! A great way to end the day and relax!