Paparazzi Hair Salon

24-Papparazzi100-SFWSome companies say they are focused on community, but there are no actions that reflect their support. Companies like Paparazzi Hair Salon really do place a great deal of importance on giving back to the community and have a long list of supportive actions to prove it!

Owner Bobbie Skinner is at the forefront of giving back. “Community is important to our business because we are a very caring staff,” said Skinner. “We support the local community by donating money to the schools and donating gift certificates and things for silent auctions to help. We also donate our time and services to help raise money for different causes like the Make-A-Wish event we did in September.” This event raised more than $10,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Skinner’s ability to give back to the community is due in large part to the amazing support she receives from her clients and fellow staff. “We have brought together a special group of stylists that want to put others first in all aspects,” said Skinner. “We want to make a difference in others’ lives in as many ways as possible, not just in beauty. It is my vision to be able to create a group of people to keep the hometown feel in the salon instead of feeling like a number. In our fast paced world, it is nice to be able to have a place to be pampered and slow down and enjoy taking time for yourself. There is no particular project we feel especially strongly about because they all are just as important; anything we can get our hands in and make a difference, we do!”

Not only does Paparazzi Hair Salon give back to the community through donations and supportive efforts, it gives back to its clients individually as well. “We are also here to help other small businesses grow their business,” said Skinner. “We advertise for our customers for free in exchange for being loyal customers. We want to make a big difference and touch many lives in all kinds of ways that we can.”

Paparazzi Hair Salon has so many loyal customers because of its innovative products and knowledgeable staff. “We have staff that is selectively chosen by their passion for hair and ability to put others first,” said Skinner. “Education is a big part of who we are. We use Wella color and our stylists are Wella certified. Next year, we plan to go to New York to the Wella Studio for more extensive training by some of the leading Wella artists. Wella is known for its gray coverage ability, longevity, shine and vibrancy of color. We also carry the new Wella Innosense line. After 20 years of research, Wella developed the ME+ molecule which is a revolutionary new hair dye molecule that provides the same great performance as its other Wella hair color lines, but with a reduced risk of developing an allergy. It’s gluten free and safe for pregnant women.”

One of the best features of Paparazzi Hair Salon is the emphasis on customer satisfaction and education to recreate the best looks possible on days in which they are not styled by professionals. “It is important to us to teach our customers to be more knowledgeable of their hair,” said Skinner. “This includes how to create the same style at home and to maintain the integrity of the hair in between visits. We have an extensive group with lots of education and knowledge. We can do everything from a child’s first haircut to outside-the-box hair color to your mom’s weekly set; we are not above letting anyone know it either. We love doing it all, and we have grown to now offer facials, including the jet clear facial. We are the only salon in the surrounding area that is certified to offer this facial which is like a ‘power wash’ for the face. It has become a preferred facial to ones that have tried it due to its powerful results, the fact that it isn’t abrasive, and that it is safe for all skin conditions. We want to be able to be a one-stop shop for all your beauty needs and offer the latest technology in all areas of beauty! Our website showcases some of this to show the range of beauty we can create.”


Paparazzi Hair Salon is located at 6000 Meadowbrook Mall Court in Clemmons. For more information, call 336.893.7169 or visit the website at