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Have you ever had some ideas on re-creating or refining a space or some rooms in your home (or even outdoors), but were overwhelmed as to how to pull it together? After all, there are so many choices, colors and finishes out there to choose from!

Maybe you’ve seen some ideas out there on Pinterest or even ripped a few pages out of your favorite magazine, but still…you are stopped dead in your tracks in moving forward?

Is it fear? Overwhelming? Maybe you are just too busy and are afraid if you get started you may never get your project(s) completed? Most people today hang tight to their funds until they are 100% sure of their decision. Trust me. I get it. Saying “yes” to a project can be scary unless you feel you can trust how your funds will be spent, how it will look overall and how the process will flow.

What I have found when working with people is that even though they don’t know it, they already want three things right out of the gate: 1) They need a little nudge; 2) They already know their tastes, but don’t know how to completely define them; and 3) They need someone they can emotionally connect with.

SO, just for fun, here are a few pointers to get the ball rolling:

  1. Usually, people already know what they love. Steve Jobs said, “Many times people don’t know what they like until you show it to them.” Look around you. Look in your closet. Here’s an idea for what you love for color. Do you want to feel happy? Tranquil? Sophisticated? What do you collect?
  2. People usually already know what frustrates them. Does your room/home lack organization or flow? If you could pick one area that really is a crazy maker for you, what would it be? That awful bathroom color? The mudroom that looks like an explosion hit it every single day? Does the room just not feel very cohesive? There’s a starting point.
  3. When you walk through a store, what things do you gravitate to? Are you motivated by lots of bling, or is rustic something that calls your name?

Whether you decide on a DIY project or hiring a pro for anything, the key is to get started, find a timeline (or the project will continue into infinity and beyond), be realistic with other life events going on and use a few inspirational pieces, such as a piece of art, a favorite rug, etc.

If you desire to hire a designer or re-designer, you will need to know what your budget is. Be realistic about that. Be sure that you connect with them emotionally and that you understand their expectations while they, in turn, understand yours.

Designers can breathe new life into a space, create a vision and think of things that often may be overlooked, such as proper lighting, flow, etc. Steve Jobs said it best, “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Gotta love it!

One thing I love doing is looking at the overall home, and I can help you make wise investments because I also stage homes and love bringing extra value to those properties. I also love thinking outside the box and keeping the process enjoyable.

Reach out if you have any questions regarding your design dilemma or home staging needs. Call 336.422.6775, email or visit the website at