Patricia Justice Wins Second Place in the Adult National Skaters Free Skate Division

You are never too old to learn something new! Many people think once they pass their 20s, they are too old to take up a new hobby or learn a new skill that requires physical fitness. This could not be further from the truth, and Patricia Justice proves just that with her recent second place finish in the Adult National Skaters Free Skate Division.

“Skating was something I had a chance to try once when I was little, but I didn’t get any lessons until I was a young adult,” said Patricia Justice. “Then, after marriage and children, I started dabbling in it again and, around my mid-30s, got more serious. Skating is therapeutic; and, for a child who was terrible in team sports due to health issues and being small, this was something special I could call my own.”

Activities like ice skating may seem like a solo sport, but those who skate beg to differ! “Skating offers the camaraderie between adult skaters,” said Justice. “It’s amazing the support we give to one another. Although I’m outgoing, I struggle with confidence, and judges looking at me…why would anyone want to do that? Skating forces me to set goals, and it makes me have good discipline. It’s also so great to have a piece of music you love and be able to interpret it.”

Beyond the achievement of personal goals, skating allowed Justice to achieve goals set by others, as well. “You have to pass the right tests to be in the right place to skate at that level, etc.,” said Justice. “This was my first year for Adult Nationals. There’s a lot going on, including different event categories and multiple events between two twin rinks. I was running back and forth trying to cheer on my friends. They even throw goodies onto the ice when you are done! Wow!”

Because Justice knows how much skating as an adult has meant to her and helped her with her confidence, she hopes her achievements will encourage others! “I hope my story will be an inspiration to those who might think they cannot do something,” said Justice. “Because I’ve learned the only failure is in not trying or not getting back up, and age is just a number. For those who have always felt like an underdog, it’s ok. I know that feeling a lot, and anxiety is often my silent partner. Psalm 121 tells me my help comes from the Lord, and I also know that daily I know I can’t do it alone. So, whether someone is going to try their first time doing anything new, just get out there and do it. Don’t feel stupid or ashamed. Every day we get older, so don’t let that stop you. Each day is a gift; make the most of it.”

Justice isn’t stopping with her recent achievement either…she has big plans for the future! “I’d like to pass my Adult Gold free skate test since I’ve passed my Gold Moves in the field test,” said Justice. “I’d like to maybe take up ice dancing and also help underprivileged kids who couldn’t afford this sport.”

Congratulations, Patricia!