Piedmont Federal Savings Bank: A Commitment To Customer Service

“Piedmont Federal Savings Bank is committed to building life-long financial relationships with customers while providing extraordinary customer service,” shares Ginger Salt, Chief Marketing Officer for Piedmont Federal Savings Bank. The recently created Piedmont Federal Customer Bill of Rights, printed on parchment to resemble the historical U.S. document, highlights ten fundamental customer rights and privileges. “Our commitment to our customers is what makes us different,” is more than a motto. It is at the heart of the foundational values and principles upon which every banking decision is made. This laser-sharp focus on customer-friendly service is a tradition Piedmont Federal Savings Bank has upheld for over one hundred years!

Piedmont Federal’s staff does not receive incentive pay or bonuses for opening your account.

Everyone is a salaried employee at Piedmont Federal – no one works on commission. Therefore, customers receive the same level of service whether an employee is handling a service issue, opening a checking account, celebrating the payoff of a mortgage or providing directions to a new restaurant down the street.

You will pay no ATM fees, anywhere in the world.

Piedmont Federal Savings Bank provides access to any ATM without charge. Customers may use their debit card at any bank ATM anywhere in the world and never pay a transaction fee – Piedmont Federal reimburses the cost of these service fees.

Your mortgage loan is not sold to another bank.

Your loan is held locally at Piedmont Federal. Because the bank retains the loans of all its customers, the mortgages do not bounce around between unknown banks or mortgage servicers across the country. If there is ever a question or an issue with the loan, customers can either speak directly with the individual who originated the loan or visit any of our offices for the needed information.

Your mortgage loan officer is salaried, not on commission.

At Piedmont Federal, every customer is our priority. Our loan officers are not paid for production but compensated for providing unparalleled service and attention to their customer’s needs.

Your mortgage loan is originated and closed at the office with the person who helped you through the loan process.

Piedmont Federal oversees the entire mortgage process, from beginning to closing, coordinating with all parties involved in the transaction to ensure a seamless and timely closing. Our customers enjoy the comfort of closing their home loan in the office where their loan was originated.

Piedmont Federal has no stockholders – we are accountable to you, not to Wall Street.

Although they are a well-capitalized mutual institution, there is no “quarterly earnings mentality” typically found at other banking institutions. Salt explains they take “a long-term view” and focus on “offering sound financial solutions that truly fit people’s lives.” Not having to worry about stockholders allows Piedmont Federal to focus on their customers.

Piedmont Federal was founded locally and has remained local.

In 1903, a small group of businessmen opened Piedmont Federal Savings Bank with the mission to “help individuals and families achieve the dream of home ownership and build financial assets.” Piedmont Federal is the oldest financial institution founded in Winston-Salem still in existence. Although the bank has grown and expanded across the Piedmont/Triad region through the years, the commitment to be a local source of mortgage financing and competitive deposit products remains unchanged.

You can expect competitive mortgage rates, minimal fees, a variety of mortgage loan options, no surprises, and a simple application process.

“Mortgages are our specialty,” states Salt. The loan process is straightforward with plenty of options, but no surprises.” Loan officers assist customers from origination through closing, explaining each step in customer-friendly language.

Your credit score does not determine the interest rate on your mortgage loan.

Your interest rate is determined by the type and term of your loan request, not your credit score. Credit scores are a component in the credit review process but do not determine your mortgage interest rate at Piedmont Federal.

Your rights don’t end there – straightforward, commonsense banking is real at Piedmont Federal.

Piedmont Federal prides itself on making the banking process as transparent and common sense to its customers as possible. They have all of the modern conveniences that customers expect, but they provide traditional, time-valued attention to customer service. The culture of personalized service is apparent at every turn – from smiling faces and calling customers by name, to the sign on Salt’s desk that states, “We love our customers.”

Our commitment to our customers is what makes us different.


Piedmont Federal Savings Bank has eight offices in Forsyth County, one in Wilkes County (North Wilkesboro, NC) and one in Watauga County (Boone, NC). For more information on the services offered, visit piedmontfederal.com.