Pinterest Gone Wrong: How to Prevent those Pinterest Project Fails

Pinterest, as many of you know, is a creative website that allows users to save favorite things to their accounts. This fun social media website is an online version of a traditional corkboard and push pins. Users become “pinners” and “pin” DIY projects, recipes, photography styles, and more to their electronic corkboards.

If you are like me, you probably have tried some of the ideas you have saved or “pinned” on the site. But, what happens when those ideas don’t turn out exactly like their pictures? What happens when that cute baby pose you found on Pinterest didn’t turn out quite right with your newborn? Or when that Superman cake ended up in a super blob? These proclaimed “Pinterest fails” happen to all of us and here are several ways to help prevent them.

  • Before beginning the project, see what other pinners are saying about it. Take a look at the pin’s description and at the comment section. Sometimes pinners will put what worked for them and useful tips and tricks. Talk to friends and find out if they have completed the project before.
  • Most of the time, a pin will be linked to a blog or website page. Click on the pin’s picture and hopefully, you’ll be redirected to another link. Look and see if there are any instructions or advice. This is especially helpful with recipes and tells you exactly how much of each ingredient to add to the mixture.
  • If there is no link for the pin, do research on the Internet. The articles you find might not be the exact copies of the Pinterest project, but the ideas will be similar. Researching on the Internet is also a great way to get tips and advice to help make the project easier. Also, there are useful blogs related to the social media website. The Pinterest Project ( and Made from Pinterest ( are two examples of blogs where users have completed Pinterest projects, given useful tips, and posted their results.
  • Take your time. There is no race for first place when it comes to completing an idea. Don’t rush and finish each step before going to the next. This allows you the chance to go back and fix a problem before moving forward. Hurrying the project won’t get you anywhere, except in a big mess. Plus, putting forth the effort and time will show through with your results and give you bragging rights to your family and friends.
  • Don’t work on the project alone. Gather a group of friends and turn the night into a craft or baking/cooking party. When it comes to trying a new photography pose, whether it is for a family, baby, or friend picture, have a group of people available, besides the photographer and the people in the picture, to assist wherever needed. Working with others means more ideas are thrown around, creating a better outcome. Also, happy and sometimes funny memories can be made that will last forever.
  • If the instructions fail and the project seems to be going all wrong, now is the chance to get creative and put your own spin on the idea. Adding a little personalization to the project makes it more special and unique. Think outside of the box. Don’t worry if your finished result doesn’t look like the pin’s picture. After all, your project might turn out better than the original.
  • Lastly, try the project again. It might not have worked the first time, but that doesn’t mean it won’t the second time. Doing the idea again will let you use what worked and learn from your mistakes. If a recipe didn’t turn out right or the cake design failed, redo it in a way that’s easier for you. Go back to putting your own spin on the idea. Don’t give up, because you never know what will happen when you try again. Your Pinterest fail could become a Pinterest success!