Print is NOT Dead!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you’ve probably heard all of the marketing “buzz phrases.” Phrases like Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, etc., have all gotten our attention (or maybe just confused us). You never want to rely solely on one form of marketing to be successful in your business. Rather, you want to create a plan that uses tools that will complement each other, so your message can have a stronger impact. We would call this an “Integrated Marketing Strategy.”

No longer are the days when businesses are mass mailing 30,000 leaflets to potential customers. Yet, despite “experts” suggesting that “print will die” years ago, we’ve actually seen trends that show growth year over year. It is very possible that you might have written off any print marketing material for your business and are not even considering it for 2015.

Our belief is simply this – print has not died, it has just evolved itself into a niche key component of the many small pieces that now make up an integrated marketing system.

Below are five SIMPLE ways that you can enhance your marketing for 2015 by introducing high quality printed products into your “Integrated Marketing Strategy.”

  1. For the past decade, marketing has been pushed to the digital arena with the masses stating “print is dead!” So why not turn that trend upside down with some “old school” tactics? It is incredibly difficult to get noticed in the internet clutter that your potential clients face each day. This trend has allowed print to now become a stand-out product that is tangible and can be referenced frequently. Use it to your advantage!
  2. When is the last time you met someone new and handed them a laptop as your business card? My point exactly. The most important piece of your printed materials is a well branded, quality business card. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Be sure to make it a good one and show your potential clients that you take your business seriously and have invested for the future.
  3. Verbal conversations are great for sparking interest in your product or services, but potential clients can walk away from a conversation and forget all of the benefits you have described. This is where a well-written and visually appealing brochure comes into play. Don’t let anyone you meet walk away without a clear understanding of what you have to offer. An added bonus – brochures speak for you even when you aren’t available!
  4. Are you new to the market or launching a new service offering? A quick, cost-effective approach to getting your name out is through postcard mailings. The level of detail with which you can target your audience has increased greatly over the past several years. Also, postcard mailers saw a huge decline in previous years, so consumers are again taking notice to items that arrive via “snail mail.”
  5. One key component to the sales strategy within Nu expression is to follow up any face to face meeting with a handwritten thank you note on our personalized stationery. If a potential client has taken the time to visit with us, then we should be thanking them for their time. The note shows we care about each of our clients, and that we want to have a personal relationship and are invested in helping them grow. Who should you be sending notes to on your business stationery?

Now that you have ideas sparked in your brain for including print in your 2015 marketing strategy, don’t forget to use your printed products to bring customers back to your digital marketing materials, too. Always include your website, social media links and profiles on any printed material to drive customers to learn even more about your offerings.