Pursuit of Peace and Confidence on the First Day of the Job



OK, ladies, so you just nailed the interview and landed that job you desired. But now that you are past the nervousness of the interview, it’s time to conquer the anxiety that comes with the first day on the job. It seems that no matter how long we’ve been in the working world, the first day always makes us a bundle of nerves. This is completely normal. There are, however, practical ways to minimize your nerves so you can survive that first day.

Stay calm and positive. Remember to breathe and relax before you walk in and during your shift. Thinking positive thoughts such as, “The interviewer chose me; she saw something in me that this company can benefit from,” can put your mind at ease. Remaining calm and positive also affects your work performance. Remember that if you are calm, your performance will be pleasing. However, if you are worried and anxious, that will also show in your work. You may skip a step at the cash register or forget to mention something important to your client. There is a lot of anxiety on the first day of the job, but things will get better.

Wear something that makes you feel confident whether it’s your favorite lipstick, outfit, shoes, jewelry, or perfume. If you feel confident, you will be confident, and you will look attractive and make a lasting impression.

Pray or meditate before starting your day. You can do this before leaving home or while driving to work. Take some time alone and center yourself before your work day begins. This is especially beneficial for introverts who prefer alone time over being around lots of people. This time alone will relax your mind and your body, and will help you think positively.

Become friends with your new work family. They’re only people, just like you! Knowing that you are new, they will welcome you and may even show you around. Give them an idea of the person you are. Introduce yourself and take a genuine interest in your work family and they will return the favor.

Stay obedient. Listen to your boss and your co-workers and take heed to their instruction, especially on the first day. Know that they are only helping you out until you learn how to do things on your own. They want to see you do well so remember that their direction—and constructive criticism—is coming from a good place.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your manager is not expecting you to know and be able do absolutely everything on your first day, so it’s completely safe to ask questions if you are lost or confused. You may think that asking questions makes you look silly, but things will be worse if you do a task without fully understanding your manager’s orders. Asking questions is a smart move!

Don’t be afraid to let customers know you are new. Customers are people, too, and they will relate to you because chances are, they know what it’s like being new on the job. If you are still figuring out the cash register or the computer software while your customer is waiting, let them know that it’s your first day. It’s okay! Doing this actually makes you feel at ease because you know that the customer will be more patient. The customer will expect you to be an expert at your job unless you tell them that you are still learning.

Think about the person you want to become. More than likely, your new job will bring you outside of your comfort zone and make you learn and grow as a person. If you know that you signed up for a challenging job, just imagine the woman you believe this job will make you become. Will you be more confident, outspoken, detail oriented, or speak to strangers with ease? Keep that ideal woman in your mind on your first day. It will be difficult becoming that woman, but overcoming any challenges at work will bring you closer.

Most of all, be excited on your first day! This is a time to become better and show people what you can do!