Rave Reviews at TJ’s Body Shop

When you have a 30+ year old business, along with a team that possesses over 100 combined years of automotive expertise, you can safely assume you’re in capable hands. You can also assume, since they’ve been in business for over 30 years, that they are known for their dependability, reliability, trustworthiness, fairness, honesty, affordability, quality and excellence.

From personal experience, I can attest to these qualities. TJ’s Body Shop owner, Tim Johnson, helped me out when another driver unexpectedly backed her car up in front of me. The timing couldn’t have been worse, but despite the frustrations of the overall experience, Tim was the very definition of calm, cool and collected (when I was anything but). He did a great job repairing my car and getting me going again.

But I’m far from the only one. Brian Holt has had similar experience. “TJ’s Body Shop offers great service! They are a very professional group of guys who try to please all their customers with a quality job each time.”

The raves continue from realtor Jody Peske, who depends on her vehicle to keep her moving with clients! Recently, Tim and his team fixed her car, making it the third time Jody and her family have gone to TJ’s Body Shop. “This is a business with integrity,” shared Jody. “We always have a wonderful experience and the work is flawless!”

When Kyle Agha had a bump-up in his car, he went to TJ’s Body Shop. “This is a great, trustworthy local business,” said Kyle. “They gave our vehicle back as if nothing had ever happened.”

Meghan Corbett was understandably dismayed when she got a ding in her new car, especially since she was short on time, but she called Tim. She was thrilled with not only the quality of the work, but the price and turn around time! “I would highly recommend TJ’s Body Shop. I had a very last minute request due to a crazy schedule, and Tim managed to get the work done in just a couple of hours. The prices are incredibly reasonable, and he makes sure he knows exactly what the customer expects, and delivers every time!”

It is clear that people know and trust Tim and his team and, through the years, the accolades have paid off with repeat business and referrals. No one WANTS to take their car to the body shop for repairs, but if you drive, eventually you’re going to need some work. Whether it’s because of an accident, or a rock on the interstate causes a dent, or any other of a million reasons you may need repair work done, when it comes to caring for your car, Tim and his team are the restoration experts. You may not want to use their service, but you sure will be glad you did!

TJ’s Body Shop is located at 6300 Ramada Drive, Suite B3 in Clemmons. Call TJ’s Body Shop at 766.3434.