Recipes: Hot Chocolate

Sipping on a mug of hot chocolate is one of my favorite winter to-dos. I love how it warms you up from the inside out and, unlike coffee, I can drink it any time of day without having to worry about being able to fall asleep.

I’ve even invested in a hot chocolate maker to ensure my hot chocolate is perfectly mixed and the perfect temperature! If you are a hot chocolate connoisseur like me, you may need to invest in one of these. They are seriously awesome. I bought mine off e-Bay years ago, and it’s called Mr. Coffee’s CoCo Motion Hot Chocolate Maker. You actually have to buy them used – if you can even find one – because they don’t make them anymore.

For the past few years, a hot chocolate bar has been a staple at our family’s Christmas Eve gathering. These are so much fun to create and can certainly be done with or without your “professional” hot chocolate maker.

A few tips:

Use whole milk (or almond milk, if you don’t do dairy). Mixing hot chocolate with water doesn’t give you that rich, delicious flavor like milk does.

Set out several topping options for your hot chocolate bar. Crushed peppermint, whipped cream, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, etc.

For an adult-only version, try adding a shot of peppermint schnapps or peppermint vodka to your hot chocolate.