ReDesigns by Ava: Where to Begin?

When starting a new decorating project for a client, I consult with them on how they use the room and what their expectations are for the update. I consider their existing furniture pieces and décor to see what pieces need to be replaced and what pieces can be used. Then I evaluate and measure walls to know what size pieces will be needed.

The next step is to choose a color palette for the new project.  This is when I ask my client for an ‘inspiration piece’……this can be something they already have like a piece of art they love or, more times than not, it’s my job to search for an ‘inspiration piece.’ This means I shop for fabric, a rug or art that will be used in the space.  Once I’ve found the ‘inspiration piece’ my client loves, I begin pulling the plan together.

Choosing a paint color for the walls is chosen last to complement the furnishing and fabrics to be used in the room. Accessories are added last to enhance the décor – like jewelry added to an outfit, accessories complete the space.

Decorating Tip:

“A mistake people often make is to purchase a ton of small accessories instead of the big pieces first because they are afraid of committing to a design scheme.  By picking the bigger items first, you’ll avoid ending up with a ton of small accessories that don’t go together.” ~ Gabrielle Savoie

Need help on where to begin with your decorating project? Call Ava to schedule an appointment. Happy decorating!