ReDESIGNS by Ava Books, Books, and More Books…..

“A room without books is like a body without soul.”

A visit to Barnes and Noble usually means I come home with a few less dollars in my purse. When the grandsons were here for a visit this summer, one hot afternoon we spent several hours browsing there…..and yes, I came home with a few less dollars in my purse. I love the smell of new books, the great selection, and the quietness of a bookstore. In my own home, I have lots of books. I find great comfort in being surrounded by the books I’ve read and love.

Books are an excellent addition to your home. They educate, illustrate, inspire, comfort, entertain, and take up space. Whether it is in your family room, kitchen, living room, bedroom or bath, a book can find a place in your decorating scheme.

Traditionally books are placed on shelves in bookcases. Try calling some of those books off their shelves and use them to enhance your décor. Books are great accessories. Many times in doing a decorating project I will ask the homeowner for books to use in accessorizing a room in their home.

Books can add so much personality to your home décor. Don’t hesitate to use books throughout your home.

12 tips for doing just that when books aren’t being read:

-Elevate an accessory, lamp, or plant that maybe too short by placing it on a couple of books on a side table, console, or chest.

-Remove book jackets from novel-size books. Face books with the bound title side out for a more eye-pleasing display.

-Leave decorative jackets on other types of books such as those filled with beautiful art, pictures of interesting places, gardening, etc. These type books make great coffee table books.

-Consider the color of your book’s cover when placing in your décor. This can be a simple way to add an accent.

-Give small accessories more height and visual weight by placing them on a stack of a few books.

-Fill in the gaps in a vignette. Add a couple of books, either vertical or horizontal, to add interest.

-Pack or give away all paperback books. These are not attractive on your shelves and tend to add clutter.

-Group a collection of books in a wire basket. This is a great idea for cookbooks.

-Alternate vertical and horizontal stacks of books when accessorizing a bookcase for a bit of interest.

-Keep favorite titles close at hand for your night time reading by stacking them on or beneath your bedside chest or table.

-Incorporate books when decorating your mantle. The number and appearance of the books will depend on the style of the room and the length of the mantle.

-Cover the books if they aren’t the right color. If you are into neutrals, cover them with burlap. Newspaper, craft paper, sheet music, wrapping paper and fabric are other ideas.

Books are an inexpensive way to add interest to your decor. Have fun with them!

Busy lifestyles leave little time to think about making changes in your home. ReDESIGNS by Ava can help you create a beautiful home either by an Interior Redesign (using the best of what you already have) or a completely new decorating project.