ReDESIGNS by Ava: Dress Your Home……to “Love It”

“I think homes should be lovable; they should make us smile, and we should want to spend time there.” ~ Wendy Wrzos

Many of you have been “house hunting” at one time or another and know the stress of finding the perfect house to make a home for your family. When my husband and I moved to the Chicago area in 1999, “house hunting” was quite the experience! There were so many factors that played into the decision of where we were going to live: cost, size, which suburb, commute time for my husband who worked downtown, a safe neighborhood, whether our furniture would fit, etc. Our Realtor showed us many houses. Finally we were shown a house that when I walked inside the front door, I teared up. Why? Because I knew I could make this house our home. Was it perfect? No, but with a few décor changes and a little work it would be. Looking past the flaws, I knew we would love this house and make it home.

There are some great shows on HGTV. I love Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, Love It or List It….. and I’m sure there would be others if my schedule allowed more TV viewing. Love It or List It is just that: love the home you are in after a redesign and renovation, or list it for sale. I’m not sure what percentage of couples decide to ‘Love It’ or to ‘List It,’ but on the shows I’ve watched most couples decide to love it. Mainly because of reasons they fell in love with the house in the first place like, they love the neighborhood.

Moving as many times as I have, I’ve realized that even though I loved the house we were in, I could move and make a new home in a new place for my family as long as we were together. In the mobile society in which we live today, many of us will not get the chance to move into our ‘forever house,’ raise our families and welcome our grandchildren there. We will make several houses our homes in a lifetime.

Ways to Love the Home You’re In

  • Make your home feel like you by honoring your taste. This can be done by painting the inside and the outside with the colors you love. Hanging your art, bringing in family heirlooms and accessorizing with things you love will make a house your home.
  • De-clutter and organize. I know…hard work. It’s worth it in the end and you will love how your home looks and how good you feel.
  • Tackle small projects and you might surprise yourself by getting inspired to do a larger project. Shows like HGTV, or apps like Pinterest and Houzz, can sometimes make you feel overwhelmed and you start feeling like there is no way your house can look that perfect.
  • Simplify. That doesn’t mean that you have to give up all your favorite things. It means to pare down and keep the things you really love, and let go of all the rest.
  • Do little things, like paint the front door a pretty new color, buy a new set of sheets for your bed, treat yourself to new placemats for your table, purchase a new green plant, or find a new lamp or accessory for your home. Doing a project or adding something new can be just the thing to inspire you and help you love your home.

Follow your heart and love your home!


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