Refocus to Finish the Year Strong!

by Jan Allison

It’s hard to believe Summer is drawing to a close and school will soon be starting back again. If any other business owners are like me, you will have found yourself ‘coasting’ a bit through the Summer to enjoy vacations and special time with family. Fortunately, I tend to come back in August refreshed and energized to refocus on our goals for 2015 and finish the year strong!!

Here is a list of 5 planning activities we will accomplish in August to allow Nu to finish BIG!

1. Review monthly financials so far this year. Compare them to the budget to be sure we are staying on track. Make any adjustments to the budget moving forward if necessary.

2. Where does our company stand against the measures we have set for ourselves to attain success? Are we increasing customers? Adding blog subscribers? Gaining social media followers? Are the monthly unique visits to our website increasing? If these measures aren’t being met, now is the time to!

3. Review analytics for our blog to determine what works well and what doesn’t get any traffic. We will then plan out our blog schedule for the remainder of the year, not only who will write when, but what topics we need to focus on.

4. In the past we have found that sales can sometimes slow down a bit during the Summer, so August is a good time to get intentional with sales. Reconnect with previous prospects and make time to network and find new ones.

5. If you haven’t already made plans for Holiday Promotions, now is the time to do so! Marketing campaigns, seasonal products, extended hours, etc. must all be planned by the end of the month to be effective. Planning in November for December sales isn’t a successful option.

Once you have completed your plan for finishing strong, it’s also time to start dreaming about 2016. Create a vision in your head of where you want your business to be next year. Do you want to expand your market? Open new locations? Move to a better or bigger location? Or just grow substantially within your current 4 walls? Stretch yourself in creating a vision that seems just out of reach of reality. You’ll be amazed what you can achieve if you put your energy into focusing on that Big Goal!!