Remembering Khaled Nemeh

Anyone who meets Robyn Godfrey Puffenbarger knows instantly that this is a woman who adores her family, and especially, her son, Khaled. Her face literally lights up when she speaks of him.

Forsyth Magazines has known Robyn for five years, and in that time, she’s become a great friend to many on our team. In every conversation, whether we were speaking about an article we were writing about her, or we simply ran by the shop, Robyn always mentioned her son and spoke of him with great pride and adoration.

In early April, Robyn’s world came to a halt – Khaled was in a car accident. He spent almost two weeks in Trauma-ICU before succumbing to his injuries on April 22nd.

Throughout Khaled’s hospitalization, Robyn modeled true Christian faith to all those who know her, through regular prayer requests for her son, praise that no matter what, God was in control. She never spoke an angry word that God had allowed this to happen. She has trusted Him, even when she doesn’t understand God’s why.

Khaled was only 21 when he passed away. He was a young man with a smile that lit up a room and a bright personality. He loved music and dancing, and was full of joyful energy. Khaled’s hobbies included hunting, fishing, cooking, cars, and spending time on Harkers Island. Most of all, Khaled loved God, his family, friends, and his dog, Brett.

Our friend, Robyn, is committed to seeing Khaled’s memory live on through a Hospital Ministry Fund they are establishing to support families with loved ones in Trauma-ICU. During their ongoing vigil by Khaled during his stay in Trauma-ICU, Robyn and her family met others like her, whose lives were put on hold while they waited for updates on loved ones who were critically injured or sick. She is committed to supporting those families in memory of Khaled Nemeh.


Words from Robyn About Khaled’s Trauma-ICU Ministry Fund

“Our plan is to make regular visits to the Trauma and ICU waiting rooms at Baptist. We hope to be able to talk with people, pray with them, and offer words of encouragement. We will be delivering meals for those that need them, as well as baskets of snacks and necessities (when you get a phone call that your child has been in an accident and you rush to the hospital to be with them, there are many little everyday items that you don’t have time to think about throwing in your purse or a bag).

Long term, and with enough funding, we’d love to provide other necessities for the Trauma and ICU waiting rooms, including a microwave, small refrigerator, and even some folding beds… when you have a loved one in critical condition, leaving to spend the night somewhere else is unimaginable. We want to give families a comfortable place near their loved ones so they can rest.

Accidents and tragedies are NOT uncommon, in fact, they happen multiple times a day, every day! From the moment we got the call about Khaled’s accident, I prayed he would be healed and that he would become a living testimony to God’s great goodness. I know Khaled received his perfect healing when God called him home. Now, it is up to us to live out his testimony by honoring God and helping everyone that we can in his name.”

If you are interested in donating to this new fund, please make donations payable to Life Impact Church, with Khaled Nemeh’s name in the memo line. Checks can be mailed to 5090 South Main Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27107.