Retail With a Relationship: Rebecca & Co of Winston-Salem

A Word About Shopping

Shopping is an opportunity to connect. Socialize. Be a part of the community. Even contribute to the local economy (though husbands across Forsyth County may groan over that statement). Shopping is a word of action, despite the fact that, in our modern society, it has become a passive and inactive “activity.” With the click of a button, we go shopping. However, we are missing much when we allow our hard earned dollars to travel through cyberspace rather than investing them in locally owned businesses. It’s the conundrum of our busy lives – when convenience wages war with quality. The outcome of which is that we lose opportunities for human experience and the value of social without the media.

Getting To Know Rebecca & Co.

Thankfully, we have local business owners such as Lisa Campbell, Winston-Salem native and owner of Rebecca & Co of Winston-Salem. “I believe there is an art to shopping,” said Lisa. “When we spend time with our friends, we have the chance to laugh, commiserate, and even celebrate one another. It brings great joy to my heart when I see women come to our store together, and bond over a shared experience as simple as shopping.”

Though shopping at Rebecca & Co. is certainly an activity you can do on your own, too, because, without question, this team of fashionistas is eager to get to know you! “We work hard to build relationships with our customers,” said Lisa. “In fact, I have gotten to know some of them so well, they influence the purchasing decisions we make in our store!”

The rapport at Rebecca & Co. is evidenced by their longevity. The original Rebecca & Co. opened in Greensboro in 1991. Since 1995, when the store expanded to Winston-Salem, Lisa has managed the shop, and she assumed ownership in 2011. Even though the two Rebecca & Co. locations are independently owned, they consider themselves sister businesses and continue to support each other. However, it can’t be assumed that they have the same products! “While we carry many of the same designers, we offer different styles,” said Lisa.

Buying Fashion for Any Age, Any Occasion

Lisa travels to New York and Atlanta, on average, four times per year, in search of stylish, quality fashions that aren’t commonplace to most retail boutiques. She is constantly in pursuit of comfortable and modern ensembles that the sophisticated and elegant women of Winston-Salem are looking for.

“Since we’ve taken the time to get to know our customers,” said Lisa, “our buying trips are made with them in mind. When our inventory is selected, we will share pieces on our social media channels so that our shoppers can see what is coming! It is an exciting time, knowing that the styles we select may be worn for everyday wear, but they may also be worn for special occasions, birthdays, weddings, and other special events! After all, these aren’t just clothes on our backs; these are garments worn to live life! I’m not making selections for faceless people; I’m always thinking of our customers, even specific individuals when I’m choosing our inventory.”

The style Lisa buys is called “contemporary” and it’s a look that can be worn by any generation. A quick stroll through the store is proof that Lisa is tremendously talented at choosing inventory that can be enjoyed by all ages. “It comes down to personal styling,” she said. “I have items in the store that can be worn by teenagers or grandmothers, depending on how she accessorizes it. In fact, we have multiple generations shop with us, often leaving with the same pieces, but each woman applies her own signature style.”

The Unique Qualities of Rebecca & Co.

It’s apropos that a boutique as unique as Rebecca & Co. has found a home in a unique venue. The space at 1200 Reynolda Road was once a mechanic’s garage. The vintage charm of the building is still felt, with the front windows being the garage doors that once welcomed an entirely different type of customer.

But the unique building aside, the greatest asset of Rebecca & Co is found in the people. The team that Lisa has assembled demonstrate their passion for fashion within moments of arrival. Moreover, they don’t only care about style, but genuinely care about the people they serve.

“I’ve worked in retail for most of my professional career,” shared Lisa. “I know the value of relationship building in this business. We work long, hard hours, and it’s important to me that I have the support of my husband, as well as a team in place that enables me to take an occasional weekend with absolute confidence that the store – my ‘child’ – is left in capable and trustworthy hands.”

Shop Local, Support Local

Lisa works hard to give back to her customers and community. She frequently hosts Sip ‘n Shop events, Trunk Shows, and has even collaborated with other local businesses for special events. On November 5th, Rebecca & Co. will be a stop on Forsyth Woman magazine’s Tour de Boutique, and she’s a popular stop for families visiting students at Wake Forest University.

Buying from Rebecca & Co. means supporting a local business owner and resident. Lisa has a deep appreciation for that support and therefore, she works hard to give back to the community. She has partnered with the Second Harvest Food Bank, Project Pearl, Say No to O, and other local non-profit groups. “When people shop local and support local business owners like me,” said Lisa, “it enables us to support local non-profits. Shopping small is critically important, and it’s one of the reasons I consider relationship building to be the foundation of my business model.”

When in need for a stylish new look, a statement making necklace, or a great pair of shoes, look no further than just down the road at Rebecca & Co. You’ll be greeted with a warm welcome, smiling face, and without question, you’ll find something new you’ll love to wear at Rebecca & Co.

Visit Rebecca & Co. of Winston-Salem at 1200 Reynolda Road in Winston-Salem. Call 336-750-0482 or visit Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter!