Rosey’s Review: The Crosby Pub

6205 Ramada Drive, Clemmons, NC 27012

336.766.9121 |

Open Monday – Saturday from 5 – 10 PM


The Crosby Pub is tucked away at the Village Inn Event Center in Clemmons. Some people may assume they can’t go to the restaurant if they aren’t a guest of the hotel, but that is incorrect. The Crosby Pub is open to the public, and I’m here to tell you why you need to go. Now.

Not only do they offer great service, but the food is exceptional. It took me a day to snap out of my food coma, but I’m ready to revisit the memories of a phenomenal dining experience at The Crosby Pub, and hopefully, inspire you to visit them yourself!

First, let’s talk drinks. The bar manager, David Saltiel, and bartender Gabriel Johnson outdid themselves with winter-themed drinks that are dangerously delicious. The Cinnamon Toast is made with fireball and rumchata. The White Chocolate Martini didn’t last long with its decadent combination of white chocolate liquor, vanilla vodka, cinnamon swirl, and cocoa rum, polished off with a hazelnut cookie. Homemade Eggnog was divine. The adult-version of the Crosby Pub’s Hot Chocolate was rich and creamy, topped with mini-marshmallows. I was delighted with the Winter Coffee prepared with Kahlúa, Bailey’s, white chocolate liquor, and vanilla vodka. It took my favorite caffeine fix to a new level!

It’s always a pleasure to see Executive Chef Araceli Cabrera, and I met two new members of her team, Assistant Chef Joshua Allen and Cook Antonio Roman. I was invited to sample the new menu available on January 1st, and boy did they outdo themselves!

They brought us an enormous, homemade Chimichanga. Stuffed with chicken and covered with a rich cheese sauce and seasoned with jalapenos, this is a dish to dream about. What was surprising, though was how light it was – bursting with flavor, without being heavy! We also tried the new Kids’ Mini Quesadillas… the classic favorite every kid loves and every parent is happy to give them (anything other than chicken fingers, right?) We were also served homemade flour tortilla Tacos, with the option of beef or chicken. You can’t go wrong with a really awesome taco! And since there’s nothing that leaves this kitchen that isn’t homemade, including the tortillas, we had Nachos! Layers of classic flavors, including salsa, sour cream, and avocado. YUM!

The Buffalo Chicken Wrap and Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches arrived and were excellent.   We had the chicken fried, but there’s an option for grilled chicken, too. Either has a fantastic spice that will challenge your taste buds. I absolutely loved them and the fried chicken wasn’t heavy or greasy. Both were served with super delicious Curly Fries! And really, who doesn’t love a great curly fry?

Few things get me as excited as brinner… you know, breakfast for dinner? First, Chef Araceli presented us with French Toast. I am a bit of a French Toast snob and have a very particular way I like it. This was the way. Accompanied by authentic syrup, it would be a great way to end a day! We also tried a Traditional Breakfast Plate of eggs cooked to order, toast, and bacon or sausage. Again, I love breakfast for dinner, but a restaurant reviewer must persevere… so I had to move on…

We were brought two of the thickest, juiciest burgers I have ever eaten. The Crosby Burger is your classic hamburger with lettuce, tomato, and onions… a meat lover’s dream! And I couldn’t get enough of the Mushroom Swiss Burger! The mushrooms were perfectly cooked and seasoned with the melted Swiss cheese. Both came with fresh cut French Fries that were the perfect blend of crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside.

I was to the point of bursting, but when they arrived with paninis, I made room and sampled the new Ham and Cheese Panini (hot and savory ham with awesomely gooey Swiss cheese!) and the Turkey Reuben Panini. The homemade sauerkraut added that perfect and distinctive flavor that makes a Reuben a favorite!

Finally, I was in for an education when they brought out Jamaican Wings. These aren’t the spicy wings you normally think of, though it should be stated that they are not without their own powerful flavor. The secret is in the Jamaica Flower. This tropical blossom is dried and soaked in water. It’s the water that is used to make the sauce. Delicious.

The Crosby Pub has done a lot to set up fun, nightly specials. Monday night is Nacho Night… Tuesday is Taco Night… Wednesday is Panini Night… Thursday is Classic Burger Night… and Friday is Wing Night. Whichever night you go, you’re not going to be disappointed, I promise. Be sure to tell them that Rosey sent you!