Rosey’s Review: Five Points

When I saw Five Points come up on my list of upcoming reviews, I was super excited!  I love the atmosphere at Five Points, as well as the friendly staff, and I knew that the food was going to be fantastic. I was invited to taste test some new items on the menu, as well as some traditional favorites!

I was joined by my husband, our photographer, Melinda, and one of the magazines’ interns, Mallory. Mallory is a sweetheart, but also a notoriously picky eater. However, I felt that this was a good experience for her and invited her to join us. And I’m glad I did because I learned that a picky eater can be cured simply by visiting Five Points! Since the review took place only days after Christmas, I considered it a post-Christmas miracle! Mallory loved everything that was put in front of her!

But before I get ahead of myself… General managers Jack and Pam Welker gave us a warm welcome and our server, Angie, was both knowledgeable and personable throughout our meal!

We declined drinks, opting for standards like water and tea. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t speak of the bar at Five Points. Fully stocked, with a great selection of beer and wine, Five Points has something for everyone – from the basic to the more sophisticated.

We sampled warm bread while we waited for appetizers. This bread is unique and reminiscent of a New Orleans beignet. While not sweet, it is served with a creamy herb butter that is a perfect precursor to what was to come.

Appetizers arrived and we started with Truffle Fries. Traditionally cut French fries are tossed in a truffle oil and lightly coated with parmesan cheese, then served with a side of bacon aioli. This signature appetizer takes the common French fry to a new, sophisticated level! We sampled Pomegranate Shrimp which were flash-fried and tossed in an Asian pomegranate glaze that had the perfect zing of lime accent. The shrimp were perfectly cooked. We also tried Five Points’ Signature Wings which had been coated in Thai Peanut sauce. These were everything you expect a wing to be, with that extra bit of elegance for which Five Points is noted.

Next, we were served Fire Roasted Tomato Bisque. This is the kind of tomato soup you dream of on a cold winter day. We also had Crab and Corn Chowder, which was thick and rich. The dish feels like the comfort-food favorite, potato soup, but with the distinctive avor of crab and corn added. Topped with spicy oyster crackers, this soup is a lling and satisfying dish all on its own. And as for the Warm Goat Salad that we shared… well, this is my favorite every time I visit Five Points. I love the flavors of the greens mixed with the unexpected sweet of the cranberries and dates, along with the spiced pecans and balsamic glaze – all paired with a lightly breaded goat cheese that adds that perfect touch of creaminess.

For dinner, our group sampled several new menu items. First, the Brown Sugar and Almond Crusted Salmon. The salmon is served with a thick layer of Brie and almonds. Each bite of this savory sh has a hint of sweetness to it, and the richness comes from a lemon-thyme butter sauce. It’s a decadent entree and served with a side of basmati rice and broccoli-cauli ower. An excellent option for any seafood lover!

We also tried the Filet Mignon. My favorite cut of meat was perfectly marinated in a cabernet demi- glaze and served over grilled leeks. It was perfectly seared, making it crispy on the outside while preserving the juiciness of the meat on the inside. The baked potato was crusted with salt before it was baked and served with a selection of traditional toppings. The asparagus we tried was rm, yet tender, and accented with a citrus zest.

The Dijon Chicken breast was basted with a thick, Dijon cream sauce, and topped with spinach and sundried tomatoes. The chicken was tender and so easy to cut! The Dijon avor didn’t overpower the dish but complemented it perfectly. It’s a new favorite in my book!

For the bacon lover, the Five Points Bacon Bacon Cheddar Burger is the hamburger to dream about… fresh ground beef, topped with Applewood-smoked bacon, then cheese, then a layer of that decadent bacon aioli we sampled earlier with the Truffle Fries, then more bacon, plus arugula, tomato, and onion. Come hungry if you want to order this burger!

Finally – we sampled dessert. Despite my sweet tooth, I wasn’t sure I was going to have room for more than a bite or two after all that amazing food, so be sure to save room! The Warm Belgian Chocolate Torte is a chocolate-lover’s dream. The homemade Cheesecake with Balsamic Sauce was a surprising twist of creamy and tangy with the perfect graham cracker crust every cheesecake needs! Finally, the house favorite, the White Chocolate Bread Pudding, was drizzled with salted caramel. It was dense and rich and a perfect, shareable dessert! All the desserts were served with homemade whipped cream and vanilla bean ice cream!

Make plans to visit Five Points soon, take a picky eater you want to convert with you, and be sure to tell them that Rosey sent you!