Rosey’s Review: Salem Glen Country Club


1000 Glen Day Drive, Clemmons, NC 27012
336.712.1010 |
Sunday – Thursday: 10 AM – 9 PM • Friday – Saturday: 10 AM – 10 PM

Hello, Scenic and Popular Golf Course, Salem Glen Country Club…Meet Local Foodie Favorite, Five Points! Together, you make Exceptional Dining with a View! I could write “Five Points” of why you should be thrilled to hear that Five Points dining is available at Salem Glen Country Club, but honestly – I have more than five reasons. If you read my review of Five Points in the February issue – you know I love some Five Points dining! So, let’s dive in and let me share my recent experience at Salem Glen Country Club, which is open to the public! No special memberships required to enjoy great food, a spacious and clean atmosphere, and excellent service.

We started things off with a variety of appetizers. First, a southern classic – good ‘ole Pimento Cheese. A variety of cheeses have met up with one another for a mix ‘n mingle with some roasted red peppers for a spicy twist on a decades-old favorite. Served with toasted flatbread (Lavash), this is an appetizer everyone can enjoy!

The Spinach Artichoke Dip was baked to a beautiful shade of golden brown and was both creamy and decadent. Also served with toasted flat bread, this is an appetizer that you may have a hard time sharing. The sharp flavor of artichoke is complemented with pepper jack cheese; the spinach is cooked perfectly.

I’m going to start a petition to get the Fried Green Tomatoes with Bacon Jam added as a regular appetizer. This was a special when we dined at Salem Glen Country Club, but thankfully, it makes a regular appearance. I hope, for your sake, it’s available when you try the menu for yourself. Four slices of green tomatoes are perfectly battered and fried, and topped with a rich bacon jam and goat cheese crumbles. With this appetizer, you get a twofer since it comes with a small side salad. Heaven on a plate, people. Heaven on a plate.

We moved on to the Lobster and Avocado Salad. The lobster was very fresh and the texture – perfect. Served over fresh greens and beautifully sliced avocados and fresh lemon wedges – the sophisticated salad comes with a homemade Champagne Vinaigrette that is a dressing worthy of a toast. Lest you feel like sticking a straw in this delicious salad dressing, restrain yourself. The dressing is the perfect flavor enhancer for this delightful salad!

The classic Reuben is one of those sandwiches that almost has a cult-like following. People have very high opinions on what constitutes a good Reuben, and if you consider yourself a Reuben-connoisseur, I encourage you to try the Five Points Honey-Slaw Reuben. Traditionally made on rye with corned beef, Swiss cheese and 1000 Island dressing, this is a sandwich that has an added sweetness to offset the tangy flavor the Reuben is known for. The honey slaw packs a surprising twist on this classic favorite. The sandwich is served with the infamous Five Points French Fries – crunchy on the outside, creamy goodness on the inside. Yum.

Next, we sampled the Fire Roasted Penne. While this is a great vegetarian option, we had Grilled Chicken added to ours. Perfectly cooked penne pasta is tossed with fresh tomatoes, basil and extra virgin olive oil, then topped with freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Diners have the option for Grilled Shimp, as well; whether you choose a protein or not – this is a light, flavorful pasta that won’t leave you feeling heavy after eating it!

For you seafood fans out there, do yourself a favor and sample the Inner Harbor Crab Cakes. Jumbo lump crab has been seasoned and fashioned into fresh crab patties that are melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Served with a side of Honey Slaw and Five Points French Fries, the crab cakes also come with a rich and creamy homemade remoulade for dipping.

The last entrée we sampled was the Maple Balsamic Pork Chop. Meat eaters – I’m giving you fair warning. If we are dining at Salem Glen Country Club at the same time, I’m calling dibs on this one. But, I might be convinced to share. This is a big pork chop! Twelve ounces cooked with the bone in and packed with flavor. The maple balsamic glaze is a perfect finish, and the dish is served with Redskin Mashed Potatoes (which are everything mashed potatoes should be and more) and freshly Steamed Vegetables. This is a meal guaranteed to satisfy; you won’t leave the table hungry!

When you are enjoying a view as pretty as the one at Salem Glen Country Club, you want to be sure to leave room for dessert. We sampled several, starting with Five Points Cheesecake. A thick layer of graham cracker crust is topped with a super thick, rich and creamy layer of all the things that make cheesecake decadent. It’s served on a plate garnished with strawberries, tangy strawberry and lime glazes, and thick whipped cream!

It was a hard transition to make, but my fork managed to migrate over to every chocolate lover’s dream – the Chocolate Mousse Cake. Imagine layers of chocolate cake, ganache, chocolate mousse and chocolate sauce, and there you have it. Drizzled with a bit of strawberry glaze, this cake is the reason so many diets fail.

We wrapped things up with possibly my personal favorite – Coconut Cake. Moist. Delicious. Creamy coconut. Thick icing. Strawberry glaze. Get it. You won’t regret it. Maybe take a slice home if you’re too full.

Once again – Salem Glen Country Club is open to the public. They offer lunch specials, weekly specials each night, including prime rib on Fridays! With a fully stocked bar, outdoor dining space and a luxurious dining room – Salem Glen Country Club has it all, and now, they have Five Points. Pay them a visit soon, and let them know that Rosey sent ya!