Rosey’s Review: Tre Nonne Italian Restaurant

It’s no secret that I LOVE great food! So, when the opportunity to review Tre Nonne Italian Restaurant on Jonestown Road presented itself, I was super excited! And trust me – I was NOT disappointed!

“Tre Nonne” means “three grandmothers,” and is the owners’ tribute to their Italian grandmothers who came to America years before them. While their grandmothers embraced the American culture, they continued to hold tightly to the Italian traditions in the kitchen. And they passed on those traditions to Tony, his wife, Alice, and his sister, Debby… the owners of Tre Nonne. These traditional recipes are the foundation for the menu at Tre Nonne and are, in a word, superb. Especially in the hands of head chef, Antawn Hairston, who perfects each dish while maintaining the integrity of its history. For a foodie-town like Winston-Salem, Tre Nonne is a welcome addition and anyone who loves Italian food (and really, who doesn’t??), a visit is only the beginning of what will undoubtedly be the first of many. Tre Nonne has certainly jumped to the top of my list of favorite places to visit!

The restaurant is unassuming, decorated with rich colors and the classic ambiance you’d expect from an old country establishment. The environment is infused with the delicious scents from the kitchen that are guaranteed to make your mouth water! But enough about that… let’s talk about food!

APPETIZERS: Tony and Debby brought us samples of their signature soup, Rosemary Cream of Mushroom. This rich, creamy soup is pure decadence in a bowl, and is the type of deliciousness you crave on cold winter nights! Soup was followed by an assortment of appetizers that included Fried Calamari that was lightly breaded and perfectly seasoned in traditional Italian seasonings. We enjoyed Bruschetta that was topped with fresh mozzarella and drizzled with a tangy, balsamic reduction and fresh tomatoes. We also sampled Stuffed Meatballs, which were filled with ricotta and mozzarella and could easily be a meal themselves. We also had Chicken Parmesan Balls, a delightful twist on an Italian classic! Finally, we had Italian Eggrolls, a clever invention of flavors stuffed with sausage and vegetables and served with a lovely marina sauce!

ENTREES: It’s hard to believe we could keep going after those savory appetizers, but a restaurant reviewer must persevere. Tony selected a variety of popular choices for us to try and they were all excellent! Rigatoni and Vodka was a smooth and creamy dish that had just a little bit of kick. Pasta Bolognese was a meaty option that had a great flavor! Tre Nonne’s Lasagna is the type of dish that the Italian grandmother you never had would have made (actually, their grandmothers DID make it!). And as a former vegetarian, the Eggplant Parmigiana was, hands down, the best I’ve ever eaten. Layered with cheese and basil, it’s lightly breaded and perfectly baked. Debby brought us a basket of homemade bread to try with our entrees and the bread was dense, yet light and flavorful!

DESSERT: By this point, we were all suffering from “food coma,” when we were brought a selection of desserts to try. The De-Constructed Cannoli is a creative play on a traditional favorite, and best of all, with the cannoli cream dip paired with deep-fried cannoli chips, it’s a great shareable dessert for those who need a little sweet at the end of their meal. However, if you are one who has a decadent sweet tooth, you won’t want to miss their New York Style Cheesecake. Cheesecake is something I am always skeptical about since most restaurants refer to their cheesecake as New York style. However, for the first time, I would actually agree with that description. Unlike many cheesecakes, this was lightly whipped and the crust was perfectly baked. It wouldn’t be an Italian restaurant without Tiramisu, and with three grandmothers hailing from Italy, you know they’ve handed down a fantastic recipe. Finally, Chef Carmine Looz created the decadent Zeppole Italian Doughnuts… for me, this is the perfect dessert to have a bite or two, then take home for breakfast the next morning. Exceptional!

For wine lovers, you’ll love Tre Nonne’s monthly wine dinners with meals developed to complement the various wines their resident sommelier brings in to sample! Chef Antawn has the super cool task of developing recipes to go with each month’s wine options!

This family-friendly restaurant will undoubtedly become a favorite for every member of your household. Plus, they deliver! Stop by and be sure to tell them Rosey sent you!


Tre Nonne Italian Restaurant

177 Jonestown Road

Winston-Salem, NC 27104

(336) 842.3296 |

Go online, or check Facebook for hours of operation.