Salem Smiles Top Five Reasons We Love Invisalign

Lyrics don’t lie: Smile and the whole world smiles with you!

Salem Smiles in Winston-Salem is dedicated to making your smile its most beautiful, and through the comfortable, home-like environment they’ve created, Dr. Sarah Shoaf and her team hope every patient who walks through the door will feel excited about the treatment they’ve chosen.

“We know we are just a small part of their journey to straight teeth and all the health, professional, and personal benefits provided by a handsome smile,” explains Dr. Shoaf. “But we want everyone to feel they have really accomplished something when their treatment is completed.”

A native of Winston-Salem, Dr. Shoaf has been practicing in the area since 1992 and is proud to have been recommending the Invisalign treatment regime to her patients since 1999. While some dental movement and adjustments are more efficiently handled by going the route of traditional braces, she encourages a closer look at the many benefits of Invisalign!

Ideal for any age, Salem Smiles sees Invisalign success with both teens and adults; even older adults often require dental movement to prepare for bridges or implants.

“We love adults in Invisalign because they are often more committed to following instructions than teens,” says Dr. Shoaf. “With the proper responsibility given to care for their aligners, however, teens can have great success!”

If you’re giving Invisalign some serious thought, Dr. Shoaf shares her TOP FIVE reasons to take the first step:

  1. You get wonderful straight teeth without the hassle of wires poking you, or people even knowing you are in treatment until you are all finished! Studies have shown job applicants with straight teeth are much more likely to get the job than those with crooked teeth. Having a great smile gives you the confidence to interact socially, as well as professionally. (Hint: Those selfies we all love so much are more flattering with straight teeth, too!)
  2. Appointments are only needed every eight weeks, as opposed to the usual every four weeks with regular braces. Salem Smiles often works around college students’ schedules to provide them with enough aligners to continue their treatment until fall or spring break, and it’s also a bonus for adults who struggle with scheduling monthly adjustments along with work commitments.
  3. No special equipment is needed to brush or floss. With regular braces, you have to use floss threaders, small brushes, wax, and other tools to keep things feeling clean and comfortable. With Invisalign, you simply do your regular brushing and flossing, which also helps adults who have periodontal issues. Invisalign allows them to continue their hygiene routines without interruption.
  4. You can eat without restrictions! With traditional braces, many foods are forbidden – think popcorn, chips, nuts, corn on the cob, and other crunchy foods. With Invisalign, you simply take the aligners off when you eat so you can continue to enjoy your favorite foods during treatment.
  5. Finally, NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW YOU ARE IN TREATMENT UNLESS YOU TELL THEM OR SHOW THEM YOUR ALIGNERS! Yes, no “railroad tracks,” and you can enjoy the treatment and all the beautiful results without feeling like you are 14 years old all over again!

From the time your initial imprint is created using Salem Smiles’ in-house 3D printer, until you exit your final appointment wearing your most beautiful smile, you’ll feel confident you’ve chosen well with the Invisalign treatment. You can also be sure the world will take notice!

Besides Invisalign and traditional braces, Salem Smiles also helps patients with congenital or medical problems, sleep devices that assist with sleep apnea, and custom mouth guards. Salem Smiles will even be the team dentist for the new Carolina Thunderbirds hockey team this fall, providing mouth guards like the pros use! For more information on their incredible staff and their complete orthodontics care, visit them at, follow them on Facebook, or call 336-725-5757. Their office is conveniently located at 1063 W. Northwest Blvd in Winston-Salem, at the corner of Northwest Blvd and Reynolda Road.