Sandra Henderson Photography: Capturing Priceless Moments From the Very Start!

Combining her passion for timeless photography with her love and understanding of families and their newest additions, Sandra Henderson has found a perfect niche in the Triad area. Her business has proven that the best things do come in small packages!

72-SandraHendersonNewborn-Session-SFWSandra’s warm, welcoming personality makes clients feel right at home with her and gives them confidence entrusting her to photograph their newborns. That “just like family” feeling never fails to make for unforgettable images.

A professional photographer for many years and mother of her own three beautiful children, Sandra first became intrigued with newborn photography when friends began coming to her to capture images of their precious new babies. She found herself struggling to learn the perfect technique for posing sleeping babies without disturbing their peaceful slumber. “In my quest to perfect the posing, I fell in love with it,” says Sandra.

Her studio in Clemmons sees many a newborn – plus mom, dad and sometimes a grandparent or two – with typical sessions lasting from one-and-a-half to three hours. Of course, that includes several time-outs during shots for the unavoidable feeding and changing. “It’s a real bonding experience,” says Sandra. “I don’t rush the parents. After all, the baby dictates the session!”


Sandra’s package offerings include maternity sessions, newborn sessions and baby/child sessions. Maternity and older baby/child shoots are typically done on location, with newborns photographed right in her studio. She’ll pose the baby with mother and father together, with mother alone, with father alone, and with an older sibling if needed – which is always fun to stage. Needless to say, she enjoys a steady stream of repeat customers as families grow, and she also frequently photographs multiple generations.

Another favorite studio feature among clients is “first year” documenting, where Sandra captures the most popular stages of six months, nine months and 12 months. “At six months you have these vibrant little faces that simply light up when you make a noise,” she says. “Then at nine months you see expression in their faces, and pride in pulling themselves up. Plus, you need more props!” At 12 months, Sandra admits it’s more about keeping up with the subject – and sometimes that means running with them!

Now a pro at a creative endeavor that isn’t always easy, Sandra also offers one-on-one mentoring for other photographers who are looking for tips on posing newborns to capture those early moments through a site called Newborn Posing & More, LLC. She also recently published her first eBook called Newborn Baby Photography: A Guide to Marketing, Flow Posing and Workflow.

“I’ve become good at soothing babies,” she laughs. “Some people have called me the “baby whisperer”!

Sandra suggests scheduling an appointment for your newborn session while you’re expecting as her calendar fills quickly. Call her at 336-406-0517 or visit her website for more information and pricing.