Saura Farm Landscaping & Nursery

No matter how well you do something, it seems there is always someone who can do it better. You can spend years perfecting a craft only to have your work outdone instantly by another. This is especially true when it comes to yard work and landscaping. Whether your thumb is hunter green or black as night, you can have the yard others will admire for years to come with a little help from Steve, Debby and Sam Carter of Saura Farm Landscaping and Nursery.

“Saura Farm is located in Stokes County at the foot of Sauratown Mountain in Pinnacle, North Carolina,” said Steve. “We are a small, family-owned farm that creates some of the most fantastic landscapes and water features in the Triad and surrounding area. We specialize in grafted specimens, dwarf plant varieties and ‘witches’ brooms’ [a type of virus usually found in a tree]. We have a wide range of plant material available in many colors, textures and sizes that provide a wonderful landscape throughout the season.”

Like many turns in life, Saura Farm was a surprise to Steve and Debby. “In hindsight, a fortunate accident occurred, and I had to recreate myself,” said Steve. “We had land and started with organic vegetables in 1992. Eureka! Hands in the dirt grounded me in a way I did not know was possible. I grew up in a military family that traveled the world. My parents loved gardens and landscapes, so wherever we were, that’s what we did in our spare time and on vacations. Our son, Sam, joined us after college and brought an artistic ability that has blended well with my history of experiencing ‘theme gardens’ from where they originated.” As Debby notes, “Steve has the vision and Sam has the artistic eye and ability to bring that vision to life.”

Saura Farm consists of two areas – field-grown conifers and ornamentals and landscaping. “Saura Farm, specializes in ornamental shrubs and trees in addition to offering traditional plant selections,” said Steve. “We use our unique knowledge of these plants and trees to custom pick the ones that fit your garden best. We offer a variety of custom grown trees and shrubs so you have a plant that is unique to you. Our landscaping lets your imagination come to life! We can create a variety of designs including hardscapes, creative naturescapes, living waterscapes and commercial installations. We also sell ornamental stone and landscape boulders, and offer options for small spaces. We can create fantastic container gardens for your deck or patio for apartments or condo living.”

The term “living art” is the perfect way to describe the work of Saura Farm.  By utilizing vision, creativity and knowledge of customers’ personalities and lifestyles, Steve and Sam create remarkable, customized results. “We are growers; we know the soil, moisture and culture, and the size each plant will attain,” said Steve. “We find out
through an exhaustive visual database the form, color and textures the clients are attracted to and provide a ‘four season’ look that adds to the value of the property and, more importantly, designs a place they love to relax.”

46---Saura---new-1-SFWSaura Farm even offers exotic species of plants from around the world for those with distinguished tastes. “Because of my traveling, I decided to attempt growing species from around the globe,” said Steve. “Clients are therefore treated (when they come to the farm) to mature plants from the Himalayans to Asia, from Alaska to Lebanon. Educating our clients to the fact that North Carolina has more species of plants than all of Europe might be the most enjoyable part of what we do. We also make ourselves available to garden clubs and other groups to discuss landscaping and ‘Bonsai’ to ‘dwarf conifers.’”

Saura Farm is located at 1045 Tillotson Road in Pinnacle. Saura Farm is open to the public by appointment only and welcomes your visits. For more information, call 336.985.0170, email or visit the website at You can also visit Saura Farm at the Triad Farmers Market from mid- April through June.