Say Yes To Your Prom Dress at haj-paj Boutique!

8-Copper-Gown-SFWProm is a right of passage for so many girls. In addition to a great variety of popular and prom dress is often a major milestone in a young woman’s life. While she may have had previous opportunities to dress up in formalwear, the prom is different. It’s a chance to emerge from teenage girl to a vibrant, beautiful, and elegant young woman.

Heather Martens, founder and co-owner of Haj-Paj Boutique in Farmington, remembers the thrill of getting ready for prom and the happy time she spent planning her own dress. For several years, as the owner of a fashion boutique, she’s heard her customers talk about the exorbitant prices of prom dresses that were poorly made, and customer service that was lacking and impersonal. As a result, Heather spent a lot of thoughtful time considering how she wanted to present a line of prom dresses in the store. She wanted to offer her customers a different kind of experience… an opportunity for one-on-one prom dress consultation and service… a “say yes to the dress” kind of experience. Now, in 2014, that experience will be a reality for many.


Heather has put together a collection of great prom dress options that allows young women to feel elegant and glamorous. The collection consists of approximately 100 dresses and 40 styles that are geared towards “Hollywood Glam” versus “Hollywood Glitz.” These dresses are tasteful and the styles imitate some of the best looks seen on the Red Carpet.

Young ladies who are looking for their prom dress should call Haj-Paj Boutique to schedule an appointment. In some cases, appointments can be scheduled with only 30 minutes notice. Heather and her team are committed to giving their full attention to their prom customers. With an appointment, the young lady will receive one-on-one, personalized service.

The anticipation of being asked out, the planning, the shopping, and of course, there’s the dress. The pretty styles, Haj-Paj Boutique has also worked hard to address the other concerns their customers have shared over the years: quality and price. A full 99% of the dresses that are in stock are under $200, but the quality of the material and construction of the dresses are excellent. Heather shared, “We all love a great deal and we wanted to give our customers the best quality at the most reasonable price. Because we don’t have an enormous overhead as many retailers do, we’re able to offer our customers better prices. In fact, one of our customers told us she saw one of the same dresses we’re offering at double the price at another store.”

In addition to great value, Haj-Paj Boutique is also offering a Prom Dress Registry to ensure that no two dresses show up at the same prom! “No girl wants to spend all the time and money in finding the perfect prom dress, only to see the same dress on another girl on prom night,” said Heather. “We’ve put together a registry to make sure that does not happen!”

Haj-Paj Boutique is offering the hottest colors for Prom 2014, including red, coral, teal, hot pink, royal blue, silver, and black. They also have a great selection of some of the most requested styles, including mermaid (fit and flair), one-shouldered, and Grecian goddess. Sizes range from XS to XL. Styles are limited and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Call the store at 940-5501 to schedule a fitting.

Haj-Paj is conveniently located just 20 minutes from Winston-Salem at 1896 Farmington Road in Farmington. Because of their ongoing commitment to excellence and customer service, Haj-Paj Boutique recently received the 2013 Best of Davie County Best Shopping / Retail Venue award. They are open Monday through Friday from 10:30 – 5:30 and on Saturday from 10 – 4. Visit them on Facebook at