Snowing in the Sunshine


When you meet someone for the first time, an impression is instantly formed – sometimes good, sometimes not so good. That initial impression you get from someone goes a long way in how that person is perceived in your eyes. When I first met Christy Snow, shook her hand and looked into her eyes, an impression was definitely formed. The light within her was on full display, and I was instantly inspired by it. We had a great conversation and, as she was talking, the energy within her eyes was as bright as the sun. That 10 minute conversation was enough of an inspiration to last the whole day through.

Christy is a Charlotte, NC-based singer, songwriter, recording artist, speaker, advocate, author, minister, spiritual coach and teacher. Whether through songs, concerts, classes, events or speaking, she delivers the message of our connection to all living beings and our ability to contribute to our existence in a positive way.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in business and a minor in marketing, Christy is an experienced marketing specialist, consultant and leadership trainer. As an ordained minister, she has ten years of experience in church leadership, community building, weddings and event promotion. She has performed across the US and Canada, with eleven independently released CDs.

Christy began performing professionally in 1989. Self-taught on guitar and Native American flute, Christy’s style is unique and a true extension of her soul. Voted one of Charlotte’s best female vocalists by Creative Loafing Magazine, her live shows carry her listeners away. Delivering percussive acoustic guitar, rich vocals, life-affirming lyrics and a captivating stage presence, Christy sings about life, love and our connection to one another. She weaves in the enchanting and hypnotic Native American flute as well as her gift of humorous storytelling.

Christy Snow believes in making a positive difference in the world by being that difference!