Southern Signature Properties: How Three Southern Ladies Turn Real Estate Into Hospitality

Since Colonial days, when sea captains returned from their tropical voyages and hung a pineapple on their front doors as a sign of welcome, this enduring icon has been recognized as a traditional expression of hospitality throughout the South. The pineapple motif embodies what is valued most in a home: a steadfast commitment to generosity, kindness, and warm welcomes.

Alison Vannoy, Jenny Edwards and Renea Burgess are Southern Signature Properties (SSP) – three southern ladies who juggle being housewives, mothers, and real estate agents. Their lives center around homes they create for their families, and for yours. Each member of the SSP team brings a unique skillset to buyers and sellers which ensures a personalized, memorable, and seamless experience.

Why did the three of you team up?

Renea: We all have distinctive personalities and embrace our differences along with our strengths. Alison has an energy that is quite contagious and Jenny has a heart of gold. We formed SSP on the foundation of providing hospitality to all of our clients.

Alison: The hands of fate brought me across the paths of Renea and Jenny. We agreed that we were to serve our community and clients first, because SSP has a goal to dig deeply into each person’s needs and provide results.

Jenny: When I went into real estate I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I feel blessed to have found partners who share the same concept that each transaction is about our client’s needs and expectations.

What is your favorite client story?

Jenny: A longtime friend was having a difficult time selling her historic home. When we met with her, we instantly fell in love with the property. We dove into helping the gorgeous and unique qualities of the home shine through. We hired out the painting and repair work, but chose to do the staging and landscaping ourselves so we could see our vision come alive. After hours of hard work, and creative marketing techniques, we put the home under contract in only one week! Our client wrote about her experience: “Jenny and her team are amazing! They worked well together and were always available when we had questions we needed answered. The suggestions and help they gave towards the marketing and selling of our home attributed to our quick sale. We would recommend Jenny to anyone that is wanting to list or sell their home. She is honest and trustworthy! Thank you so much Jenny and team!”

Renea: Being a firefighter’s wife, I feel it is a privilege to work with first responders. We helped a firefighter’s family get their home market-ready in the late spring to achieve their goal of custom building. As a busy family, they were nervous about their timeline and the whole process of selling. We put the home under contract in one day with five offers! The best reward was to receive this review: “Everything went extremely smooth and was stress free. Very professional group of ladies that work together to serve your family. Couldn’t have picked a better team to sell our home.”

Alison: We helped a young, single mom’s dream come true. She wanted a convenient and diverse neighborhood. The tree lined streets were a large part of the appeal for her new home. Nearing closing time all the leaves had covered the yard. The weekend before her big move we raked the lawn and cleaned out the gutters. As busy moms, we know how difficult the moving process can be and wanted to make the experience easier. Her review noted: “Alison was absolutely wonderful. She helped me and my daughter step by step understand the process clearly, no matter how elementary our questions were. I was a first-time home buyer and I don’t think I could have felt more comfortable. She was a go getter and determined to get what I wanted and she knew what we needed in a home. I would recommend her to anyone on their first or 20th home search. Really a joy to work with!”

We give the same integrity, dedication, and tenacity to each client.

Success can be defined by many different metrics. We set out to be a team that measures success not by numbers, but rather, by great experiences. That is the essence of hospitality, that is the soul of the South, and it is what makes a house a home.

If you’re looking for a personalized approach to buying or selling, look no further than Southern Signature Properties at Realty One. They are located at 3720 Vest Mill Road in Winston-Salem. Call 336.749.5388 to schedule an appointment today. Follow on Facebook or visit to learn more!