How to Style a Black Dress 3 Different Ways


We all own a little black dress or two, right? We can style a black dress countless ways, but today I am sharing three different ways you can completely change the look, wearing the same black dress, going from day to work to night!

First of all, let’s delve into what to look for when purchasing a little black dress. The one seen in these photos is from Target and was $25.00. It was a bargain and a dress that I will wear consistently! For me, the most important aspect of a black dress is the weight of the fabric. Generally, the heavier the fabric, the better. This will ensure a more streamlined fit and give you a quality look. Heavier fabrics are usually more expensive than lightweight fabrics, but if you know you’re going to wear the heck out of this dress, it’s worth the splurge.

I own several little black dresses and think it’s smart for most women to do the same since black dresses are so versatile. You need to own a casual black dress (made of a knit or cotton) and a more formal black dress (made of nylon or polyester in a sheath style). With a lighter weight casual dress and more structured formal dress, you’re set for tons of occasions. Let me show you how I styled the same dress to look very different for day, work and night!

Let’s start with the day look. Since this dress is fit to be baggy and lose, I decided to belt it with a skinny, woven brown belt to get me a better silhouette. Add a statement necklace, simple dangle earrings and cute wedge heels and you’re good to go. I love wearing a hat during the day when I’m out shopping or walking about downtown Winston. It immediately makes your look seem put together. That’s a little secret if you feel you’re missing something from your outfit: add a cute hat and BOOM! Instant fashionista. ☺

Next, let’s chat about the night-on-the-town look. I wanted to wear a super sparkly costume necklace to incorporate bling bling, so that is where I started. I used the silver from the necklace to choose these gray strappy heels and immediately felt dressed up, but was still missing something. I added a pink bow belt to make it playful and grabbed my favorite cute New York-inspired clutch, and I was ready to go! In general, your day look can be transformed into a night look with a change of shoes and jewelry. Add pizzazz, color and bling and have fun.

Lastly, and probably my favorite look, is the understated, yet still fabulous, work outfit. I changed my shoes to these nude pumps and added a long heather gray cardigan. Adding a long cardigan or blazer to a casual dress can help you get more wear out of your dresses. Blazers and cardigans add structure and formality to create a work appropriate look. Next, I changed into a cute leopard purse because, if you ask me, leopard belongs in every workplace. Finish it off with some layered and simple necklaces, and you’re chic and set to get to work.

When you get a chance, take a look at your closet and those dresses that you deem only for the weekends. I am betting there are quite a few that you can accessorize for work, shopping or date-nights. Behold the power of accessories! Moral of the story: play around with your clothes and try on lots of combinations because a simple accessory switch can change your look (and attitude) completely.

Happy accessorizing!